How to Develop Your School Library Advocacy Program


Presented By

Dr. Mike Ribble

Educational Technology Consultant

Manhattan-Ogden School District

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Lucas Loughmiller

Director of Library and Instructional Media

Manhattan-Ogden School District

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In the past there had been little communication between the Library Media Services department and IT. Changes in leadership have led to new ideas of how to collaborate and find creative solutions to issues. With an iPad deployment to teachers and multiple carts for students, it was determined that these two groups needed to work together as it was more than any one department could handle. 

In this webinar, the presenters showed how through the use of iPads, laptops and desktop systems, information can be created and disseminated throughout the district. Models from one on one instruction up to large group workshops were employed to help make transitions both on the laptop/desktop area, as well as new technologies such as iPads. Many tools were used to help these programs, from traditional e-mail messages, information sessions at the buildings, and ongoing professional development held in the libraries at the buildings. Many were hands-on and very interactive with the teachers. The success was evidenced by the smooth transition into new Operating Systems and the deployment of iPads to all faculties to be used for classwork as well as professional development. 

Presenters Mike Ribble and Lucas Loughmiller of the Manhattan-Ogden School District in Kansas, provided examples of how they setup the program to help the district make the transitions from previous technologies to new ones.

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