Connecting Common Core, Mentor Texts, and 6+1 Traits for Narrative Writing, K-8


Presented By

Roberta Linder, Ph. D.

Associate Professor in the Education Department

Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio

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Tracy Whitlock, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Education

Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio

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Within the context of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for the English Language Arts, the presenters first provide participants with an overview of CCSS for reading literature and writing narrative texts for grades K to 8. Next, the presenters provide a crosswalk that aligns CCSS reading literature and narrative writing standards with selected traits of writing (i.e., ideas, organization, voice, word choice). Finally, resources and ideas for implementing the CCSS, 6+1 writing traits, and mentor texts are shared.

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Webinar Resources

Additional Resources

Trait Creates & Additional Writing Resources (Book lists on Titlewave)

Deepening Students' Understanding of Texts by Exploring Multiple Perspectives - (PDF)

Text excerpts from 6 Traits mentor texts (grades 4-8) - (PDF)

Reading: Literature, 6 Traits, and Writing: Narrative - (PDF)

WritingFix: Sharing Quality Writing Lessons

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