What's New in Destiny Resource Manager? EVERYTHING! It's a Whole New Ballgame


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Bruce Hamilton

Program Director, Destiny Resource Manager

Follett School Solutions

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Jason Lasiewicz

Product Manager, Destiny Resource Manager

Follett School Solutions

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Audits show a typical school loses between five and 25 percent of their resources every two to three years. With pressure for more resources in the hands of students and staff, what can administrators do?

A resource management solution helps make student learning more effective by getting the right resources into the right hands at the right time for the right purpose. It provides administrators the data needed to make fact-based budgeting and purchasing decisions. Administrative accountability is about being efficient—demonstrating how tax dollars are used to buy only what they need, share what they have, and repurpose what remains. By assigning accountability for resources, saving money is a natural result.

Using a resource management solution helps district leaders know how much they’ve invested, how funds are allocated and how much they are being used. It helps implement district policies and procedures and manage day-to-day activities.

Join us for this complimentary webinar featuring Bruce Hamilton and Jason Lasiewicz from Follett School Solutions Destiny Product Management Team. They will present the latest enhancements to Destiny Resource Manager and why this release is important to meet your needs and to support you in managing all your school’s resources.

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