Power Up Story Time by TALKING: Reading with Toddlers and Preschoolers in Small Groups


Presented By

Betty Bardige, Ph.D


A Wealth of Words

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From babyhood through school age, books play important roles in children's lives. They support language and concept development, provide information and entertainment, deepen adult-child relationships, support creativity and the arts, foster social-emotional growth and the development of resiliency, and prime children for later school and life success.

For a young child, a book can be a familiar friend -- or a door to an exciting new world. But all of these potentials can only be realized when we choose books well, share them in small groups or individually so that we can really engage children, and use them as springboards for enriching conversations.

In this webinar, given jointly by a developmental psychologist and a children's librarian, we explore:

  •  What children at different ages (from 6 months to 3 or 4 years) do with books.
  •  What books children like at different ages and why.
  •  How to generate interest and engagement with different kinds of books.
  • Using books as conversation starters and conversation extenders.
  • Sharing books in multi-aged groups.
  • Supporting teachers to create and make the most of book-sharing opportunities, at circle time and beyond
  • Engaging families to build their children's love of books and a shared "culture of reading"

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