Using Aspen to Successfully Implement the Common Core

White Paper

The First Steps to Common Core Implementation

Just the mere mention of the words Common Core State Standards (CCSS) invokes a strong emotional response from students, teachers, librarians, principals, central office administrators and parents. As states and school districts move to full implementation, the fervor around the Common Core has intensified. Despite that intensity, West Warwick Public Schools (WWPS) has been able to work with the entire community to cut through the noise to discuss the positive impact the Core has on teaching and learning.

The focus of this paper is on West Warwick Public Schools successful struggle to implement the CCSS into classroom instruction, and how WWPS used Aspen Instructional Management System (IMS) from Follett to support their work. West Warwick Public Schools used Aspen IMS for curriculum mapping, curriculum development, improved communication, and much more.