Long-Time Follett Customer Explains Why Destiny is a 'Life Saver'


Napa Valley Unified School District

During her career in education, Kate MacMillan has seen it all in terms of ed tech gadgetry and newfangled resources. Since those early days, MacMillan has seen technology evolve into effortless tools that make her library system operate like a well-oiled machine. “I began with Follett on a district PC when it was still in DOS platform,” she said. “Later, we made the first step in becoming a ‘library without walls’ with Web Collection, and then Destiny®, and we were on our way.”

MacMillan and her team have used Follett for twenty years (“all that I will admit to…”). She’s utilized just about every Follett product and service during her career in education. A devoted Destiny user, MacMillan is quick to mention her favorite time savers.

“I can name numerous features about Destiny Library Manager™ and Destiny Textbook Manager™ that I like, but more importantly, my favorites are the ones that give me the tools to manage our 33-member county-wide school library consortium,” she said.

“During our last budget crisis, Destiny Textbook Manager was a lifesaver. Napa Valley USD was able to accurately track and transfer textbooks as  needed, avoiding costly duplications while ensuring that each student had the required textbooks and ancillary materials.”

Additionally, MacMillan and her team are fans of Destiny’s built-in One Search™ feature and the way it makes creating district-level reports a breeze. “We love One Search, and the way it will search your entire collection, including your designated online resources,” she said. “And Report Builder is a lifesaver! My favorite one will sweep the patron information and produce a list of those students who are no longer in our district. Then we can easily use a global delete.”

Why am I a Destiny User?

“Here at Napa, we have had offers to partner with other entities, but I feel Destiny is best suited for all our K-12 students,” said MacMillan. “From the Visual OPAC, Destiny Quest® and One Search, Destiny meets the needs of elementary, middle and high school students.”