Digital Content Subscriptions

Case Study

Baton Rouge | LA

Grade Levels K-12 | 5 Schools | 4,100 Students

VISION: Guided by forward-thinking teacher-librarian Tiffany Whitehead, Central Community School System set out to turn the library into a collaborative place where teachers, students and librarians work together and expand upon their existing district resources to move the library into the future.

SOLUTION: The district turned to Follett Destiny® Library Manager™, the Follett product already in use in its library, as well as Follett’s Digital Content Subscriptions. The district began using Destiny’s TitlePeek™, Standards, WebPath Express™, One Search™ and Reading Program Service to increase collaboration and achievement while engaging students in a fun, fulfilling search experience.

RESULT: Central Community School System’s library is no longer a “take-the-information-and-leave” facility. By fully utilizing Destiny Library Manager and its Digital Content Subscriptions, Whitehead and staff have strengthened the library-to-classroom connection and transformed their library into a 24/7 knowledge center that reveals increased student interest, motivation and engagement and new levels of information sharing between teachers and students.


Baton Rouge-based Central Community School System is a relatively new district that serves 4,100 students. Teacher-Librarian Tiffany Whitehead seized the opportunity to take the school library beyond the limits of the existing four walls and help students and teachers easily navigate resources and move up to the next level of information sharing, engagement and hopefully, achievement for kids. “From the beginning, I knew I wanted to find a way to get kids excited and talking about what they’re reading among themselves,” she said. An ideal goal would be to harness the excitement her students had for social networking and other technology and rally all parties to work together on lesson plans, homework and group projects.


The district had been using Follett Destiny® to manage library materials district-wide since their inception and it was well-liked by staff and administration. “The Destiny interface is easy to use and it’s great to be able to manage all different types of materials in one place,” Whitehead explained. “We really like the organization of Destiny Library Manager™. There are so many different reports that I can run that gather and organize information so easily. Those features are particularly helpful at the beginning and end of the school year. From library materials to textbooks, there’s always a report to give you the information that you need. You can even save frequently used reports so you can access them even more quickly.”

Once she began exploring with Destiny, Whitehead was able to introduce students to some of Destiny’s capabilities that were not only time saving but also fun. “The Destiny Quest® interface caught on fast,” she said. Whitehead then began to explore and implement additional Digital Content Subscription products, such as WebPath Express™, Reading Service Programs, Standards and TitlePeek™. “One of my favorite features of Destiny Quest’s search-narrowing capabilities is the Accelerated Reader™,” she mentioned. “My students are able to find exactly what they need – the right book, the right level, the right length.”

The TitlePeek service became a big hit with students. “When we turned on TitlePeek, we saw an immediate increase in library book holds. The kids like TitlePeek because they LOVE getting to see the cover image of the books before they look for them. It also makes it easier for students to find their books because they have an idea of what they’re looking for before they go to the shelves.”


The library at Central Community School System has become a bustling, connected, ‘round-the-clock resource of the future. “Kids expect to find what they need quickly and easily,” Whitehead commented. Utilizing Follett Destiny® Library Manager™ with Destiny Quest® and the addition of Digital Content Subscriptions has helped the students in several ways.

  • Students are able to search Destiny Quest for library materials and websites and just drag and drop the items into their My List folder to save for annotation.
  • With the Reading Program Service for Accelerated Reader™, students are able to find exactly what they need – “the right book, the right level, the right length,” according to Whitehead.
  • After starting TitlePeek™, the library saw an immediate increase in library book holds. TitlePeek makes it easier for students to find and identify books and being able to see the cover helps grab attention and get them excited about reading.
  • WebPath Express™ “takes away some of the stress of research,” said Whitehead. Students spend less time scouring the Internet and can easily locate reliable resources and add them to their resource list “with just a few easy clicks.”

Whitehead also shared her enthusiasm for Destiny Quest and MyQuest on her popular blog, The Mighty Little Librarian. “Destiny Quest is now a favorite around here and students use it not only to browse for books but also when doing research,” she said.

“With Destiny handling the maintaining and tracking of materials, I can put the majority of my focus on providing support for my students and teachers.”