Destiny Makes Library Center of 21st-Century Learning


For the past 12 years (and through two district site changes), Cathy Jo Nelson has enjoyed using Destiny Library Manager, and has loved learning to use more of its features every year. Nelson, who is the School Librarian and a National Board Certified Teacher at Paul M. Dorman High School in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has grown along with Destiny over the years. “Once my school was able to make our catalog public, I began to build more and more pathfinders and links to library resources from there, making the Follett home page a true library home page. It has been wonderful.”

Nelson attributes Destiny Library Manager’s ability to simplify reporting to making her life easier and her work more research based. “It probably sounds silly to most people, but I really value the ability to get reports in a spreadsheet,” said Nelson, a Google-certified instructor. “I am a number cruncher, and I like to manipulate and sort data, and the way Destiny quickly downloads what I need to a spreadsheet truly allows me more flexibility with what I do with reports.”

Nelson, who organizes and runs book clubs and different contests in her library, also loves the immediacy and interactivity built into Destiny Library Manager. As she points out, these features help her connect the content in the library to the classroom, and they get students what they want right away, while contributing to social networking and collaborating. “Destiny gives us easy ways to interact with students, and allows us to better serve our students. We can get books and other resources directly in their hands much faster. Plus, the fact that students can reserve and find out quickly when their wanted material is available makes Destiny a game changer, especially for our readers.”

Destiny has long allowed Nelson to make her library the center of activity and 21stcentury learning, and that’s what makes her a fan. “I am a devoted Destiny user because it’s the best service I can provide to my school community,” said Nelson, who also serves as the Regional Director of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians. “With every upgrade, our service ability improves, making us even more vital in the school environment. I love being considered the hub of the school, and Destiny goes a long way in making that happen.”