Destiny Library Manager ‘Just Makes My Job Easier’


North Elementary School

For the past 12 years, Carl Harvey II and his colleagues at North Elementary School in Noblesville, Indiana, have been dedicated users of Destiny® Library Manager™. As the school has grown and evolved, so has the library, which is now a forward-motion learning center. Here, the kids learn skills for the future, and the library is less about ‘checking out’ books and resources and more about creating.

One of the top attributes of Destiny Library Manager, says Harvey, is how it simplifies his everyday job duties. "Destiny allows our librarians to focus less on the administrative functions of running a library and spend our time on the most important task—working with students!" The entire staff at North Elementary values Destiny’s ease of use, but Harvey is quick to point out their favorite features. "We are all about using Destiny as the source for our users to access to all the resources in our school library," he said. "The catalog is the key element for students and staff to see what we have and gain quick and easy access to it."

Recently, the school began using Universal Search, one of the newer features built into the latest version of Destiny. So far, so good, says Harvey. "The new search platform is clean and crisp, and is easy for all users to operate and find what they need in our library. We’re looking forward to watching this platform grow in the years to come."

Overall, Harvey is pleased with the direction Destiny is taking and the way Follett listens to users’ needs. "One thing we notice with each upgrade is there are always new features and tools to help us make our job easier. We’ve been Destiny users long enough to see many of our requests for new features developed and implemented. It is a great thing to see a product evolve based on our wants and needs."

According to Harvey, Destiny is a time saver and an essential resource in what he does each day. "We are Destiny users because of the ease of use of the program, the complexity of functions and options, and the access to quality technical support. Destiny simply makes our jobs easier."