Destiny Library Manager Increased Efficiency at All Schools Within District

Case Study

Waupun Area School District

At one time, the Waupun Area School District had three media specialists at its three separate facilities—along with three separate automated library systems. Eventually, cutbacks in staffing resulted in one media specialist for the entire district. “Each system worked separately and I couldn’t determine what was going on at another school without physically going over there to access their system,” said Katie Eickelman. “As the district media specialist, time efficiency is huge for me. I needed to make my job working within three schools easier. The old system prevented me from giving fast and efficient service to patrons at each building.” Furthermore, students and teachers at each individual school were limited to the library resources at their building, because the current system didn’t allow them to ‘see’ what was available at the other facilities. “That was so inefficient and incredibly limiting.” Additionally, each building had its own data server, making daily backups a pain.

Destiny® Library Manager™ allows the district media specialist and her staff to easily access all library resources from anywhere and helps them more closely collaborate with teachers and students. Along with increased efficiency, Destiny Library Manager and its integration with Follett Shelf™ supports Waupun’s goal of being a 21st-century library system.

Efficiency with Destiny

The district made the switch to Destiny Library Manager in June 2012, after Eickelman was drawn to Destiny’s One Search™ features, the centralized catalog, its ability to create  resource lists and quick access to Titlewave® and Follett eBooks. The Waupun libraries now have more than 500 ebooks in their collection. In choosing Destiny, Eickelman pointed out that in addition to increased efficiency, the district also wanted a system that would easily integrate with its SIS. “Being able to track our students from K-12 and keep them in the system was a strong selling point for us, as the director of curriculum wanted to map student data in that way,” said Eickelman. “Being able to use the patron converter has been very helpful for me as well.”

Eickelman pointed out that the implementation process went smoothly and “the onsite training was very helpful for my library aides. Destiny is user friendly so I can kind of train myself.”

“We use Destiny has a starting point for research and quality resources,” said Eickelman.  “Providing our students with sound resources allows them to focus their attention on the research itself and learning to find the information for their purpose. Later on we teach our students how to critically think about and analyze the validity of resources found outside
of Destiny. Looking down the road, funding is a huge aspect for the future of the library program at Waupun. Administration’s goal is to continue to move the library toward a ‘21st-century atmosphere’, especially at the high school. “I want students to be able to come in and use the device they are most comfortable with…iPads®, Chrome Books™, Netbooks,
etc., and still access all of the information. With Destiny I know our students will be
able to access all of the print and digital books in the library.”

Anywhere, Anytime Access with One System

With implementation complete, Waupun Area School District is enjoying the efficiency,  accessibility and state-of-the-art benefits for which it was searching. First and foremost, Eickelman is thrilled that she can access the system from anywhere, anytime—no more traversing between buildings to login to different systems. “For me it is really all about how easy Destiny is to use. There are so many time-saving features. The ease of use anywhere is great! I use it on my phone between buildings or even at the airport when I’m waiting for a flight. I can use it from any building and any device. I can log in from home. Being able to log
in to Titlewave and import our records right from Destiny is awesome.”

The staff and students have all voiced their approval of Destiny’s One Search, which allows them to access library materials, websites, databases and more and then allows them to make a resource list. “Being able to keep those things together has been great for our students.”

“My aides love it, I love it and I am constantly finding new ways it can help me,” said Eickelman. “I’m still exploring all of Destiny’s features, but it’s fun watching students and staff realize what Destiny can do.”