Librarian Celebrates Follett's Exclusive Agreement with the IB


International School of Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf | Germany

Stuart Crouch, who works at the International School of Düsseldorf, Germany, knows a thing or two about IB education. Mr. Crouch has served as an IB librarian in many countries and at different educational institutions for more than 16 years, and has served in his current position as Head of Libraries for the past four years.

At the International School of Düsseldorf, Mr. Crouch covers two IB programmes – MYP and DP* – which allows him to articulate the IB curriculum to his entire school, and to promote the school’s belief in the IB learner profile. Mr. Crouch teaches a course in academic writing, which prepares 11th and 12th grade students for the rigors of the DP curriculum. “In particular, we prepare students for the extended essay, the theory of knowledge essay and their internal assessments,” explained Mr. Crouch. “Further, we supply students with DP study guides. This year, we purchased Cambridge University Press eBooks from Follett, giving students the opportunity to access them on Follett Shelf™, our eBook platform.

"In MYP, I work with our 9th and 10th grade students over the course of their personal project work. This takes nine months, and my work in the library guides students through research and resource skills, documentation style and appropriate writing styles.” Any librarian tasked with these responsibilities needs a reliable and quick place to turn for IB teaching and learning resources.

As Mr. Crouch points out, the new agreement with Follett School Solutions just makes sense to educators like him. “This collaboration between Follett and the IB is a natural synergy between two world-class organizations,” said Mr. Crouch. “It brings resources into a single one-stop platform and puts students and teachers first.”

When he learned of the collaboration, Mr. Crouch said he was relieved and happy to hear a “meeting of the minds” was imminent. “This relationship brings together a premier information service on the world stage with a world-class educational organization,” he explained. “Both are committed to education and to the continued success of those they serve. By joining with the IB, Follett will help to shape educational outcomes and most importantly be instrumental in delivering resources to students and staff around the globe.”

Mostly, according to Mr. Crouch, it’s the basics – the nuts and bolts of the collaboration that made him happy to hear of the news. IB World Schools will now benefit from diverse advantages when buying IB products through the Follett IB Store, including:

  • Exclusive access to IB materials and merchandise as well as premier IB publisher content
  • Expert-picked titles and lists supporting IB’s specific programmes
  • World-class customer service

Mr. Crouch believed the last item was most important. “Follett’s customer service provision is fantastic. We can look forward to ease of use, simple navigation, no-fuss billing and quick turnaround times. Having a single platform for IB and non-IB resources is a huge step forward for us, making our jobs easier and more efficient.” He goes on to point out how Follett is “second to none in terms of customer service. With our dedicated European team, we receive same-day feedback and excellent technical support, and the people at Follett are ready to listen. I have been very satisfied, for example, to see suggested enhancements to Follett Shelf included in updates. That’s really listening to the customer!”

Mr. Crouch looks forward to the advantages the collaboration will afford educators and students, and recognizes how diverse and expanded his selection of resources has become. “There is a huge crossover for schools in terms of educational resources which may be general for schools and for those determined to be ‘IB’,” said Mr. Crouch. “Not only does this save time for me, I now have a richer selection of resources for students and teachers.”

After years as a librarian in Germany, Botswana, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, and elsewhere, Crouch has high expectations of his vendors, but feels confident this collaboration will only enrich his library and his service to his school. “Decades of experience in the field of educational resources are the cornerstone of Follett’s business. It’s simple to choose between paperback, hardback, eBooks, audiobooks, digital audiobooks and teacher resources. Librarians who use Follett Destiny® Library Manager™, like me, will have access to Universal Search to ensure all resources are readily available to all patrons. This collaboration with the IB is great news all around.”

* Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme, Career Programme