Buyback Program

Budget-Saving Textbook Buyback Program: Sell Your Pre-Owned Books

Have a book room filled with old titles? Generate additional funds by trading in your surplus PreK-12 textbooks, workbooks, and supplementals for credit or cash.

Our Textbook Buyback Service gives your organization the power to generate additional funds to purchase more of the books you need–or fund other initiatives in the district. By trading in your surplus or obsolete pre-owned textbooks, unused workbooks, and teacher's editions, your school can earn credit or cash.

This can be handled virtually or in person based on the needs and requirements of your district.

Get started today.

Start using our Textbook Buyback Service today: call your local Account Executive to schedule an appointment to review your textbook inventory, or use one of the options below:

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 Send Us a List

Our innovative technology allows for a quick book review to provide quotes on the spot. We will review the list and schedule a visit to your school or district to assess the value of your textbooks.

Receive credit or cash immediately – and an additional 10% bonus when you select our credit option.

Where do your books go?

Our Textbook Buyback Service is designed to put as many used textbooks as possible back in the hands of learners.

Used textbooks that do not have market value and do not meet donation guidelines are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Recycling reduces waste and turns obsolete used textbooks into other valuable materials.