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Titlewave® is your online collection development and curriculum support tool for school libraries, librarians, and educators, featuring professionally curated content and support tools that help you find the most relevant materials.

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Use Titlewave® to search subjects, books, read reviews, and collections.

  • Search millions of quality print and digital PreK-12 books and resources that support current trends, genres, subjects, timely topics, award-winning titles, and more.
  • Add titles to a list, and purchase right away or when funding is available. Share your lists with colleagues for better collaboration.
  • Set up your genre cataloging and processing profile with Follett, and Titlewave® will automatically suggest genres as you build your lists.
  • Narrow your search with grade-level, genre, and curriculum focus tags so you can find exactly what you need.
  • Run a collection analysis with TitleWise®, and get a comprehensive dashboard to see key metrics in your collection. Avoid ordering duplicate titles, and better plan future funding.
  • Access reviews, saved lists, order history, and more. Read book reviews and publisher notes, and keep your previous activity at your fingertips.

Analyze Your Collections

Titlewave® enables you to stock your library comprehensively and easily with our 24/7-access collection development and analysis tools. Acquire the exact materials you need to fill gaps and strengthen the classroom-library connection.

Integrate Titlewave® with Follett Destiny® for a seamless experience.

  • Access Titlewave® with one click.
  • Import your MARC Records.
  • Order new Follett materials easily.
  • View your complete order history.
  • Update your TitleWise® analysis automatically.
  • Analyze and evaluate strengths and gaps in your library collection.

Visit Titlewave® for online collection development, as well as curated content and support tools.