• Follett proudly offers Makerspace bundles, project kits, and select 3D printers for PreK-12 school libraries and classrooms. Makerspace is an exciting initiative that brings exploration, creativity, and hands-on learning to the library and beyond. With Makerspaces, students work on their own or in teams to build, create, learn, and solve.

    Covering topics like robotics, physics, coding, electricity, and more, our Makerspace starter bundles for schools include full project kits and paired books to encourage further relevant reading.

    Makerspace projects:

    • Engage students in hands-on projects
    • Develop problem-solving skills and encourage self-direction
    • Foster teamwork, decision-making, creativity, and higher-level thinking
    • Support STEM, social studies, and vocational education curriculum

    Browse Makerspace on Titlewave®, view the Makerspace Catalog or contact a Follett representative for more information.

  • Our school and library Makerspace starter bundles are equally ideal for launching a new program or adding to a current one. These bundles were built by our expert team of librarians and teachers for optimal fun, creativity, and exploration. Targeted by school level, each bundle includes a combination of exciting, interactive project kits and supplementary books.

  • Including 12 projects and six books, our elementary school starter bundle encourages students to display critical thinking and ingenuity through hands-on, creative projects. This bundle places a focus on robotics, design, machines, solar power, and more.


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  • With nine projects and three books, our middle school starter bundle is sure to stimulate young minds. This bundle is a comprehensive, interactive look at diverse STEM subjects like molecular gastronomy, electrical engineering, robotics, and coding.


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  • Our high school Makerspace starter bundle, which features eight projects and four books, helps students explore STEM career options. The books and projects in this bundle cover topics like molecular gastronomy, nanotechnology, robotics, and finding a career in STEM.


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  • Bring coding to your library or classroom with these new bundles dedicated to STEM learning. Options include our library explorer pack, a library beginner pack, and a comprehensive classroom pack. Each bundle includes a variety of fun, coding-focused activities and books designed to appeal to young learners.

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Follett proudly offers the Dremel® Idea Builder 3D40 printer. This 3D printer is safe, reliable, and easy-to-use — providing the next generation of innovators with exciting makerspace projects is now simpler than ever.

Additional features and benefits of the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer include:

  • Included print studio software and print-ready models to instantly immerse students in creativity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity plus iOS and Android smartphone apps that let you control the 3D40 from anywhere
  • Large build plate and assisted leveling
  • Sprout by HP® 3D scanner compatible
  • Dremel's best-in-class customer service and support

Explore, build, and learn together with the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40.