• World of Words (WOW) – created by Susan B. Neuman –  is a research-based, shared book reading program centered around grade-specific text sets for children at the preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade levels. World of Words is designed to improve vocabulary and comprehension.

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World of Words utilizes the most current and best available fiction and nonfiction book titles to help students understand key concepts and conceptual big ideas, all while improving vocabulary. World of Words includes:

  • Engaging topics: Each grade-specific set includes five texts representing rhyming and repetitive fiction, narrative, and informational titles. The titles are supplemented by a curriculum guide with daily lesson plans, picture cards with vocabulary and challenge words, and an 18" x 24" big ideas poster.
  • Expertly curated curriculum: Each text set was carefully constructed by an expert team of former educators. Combing through thousands of titles, our team ensured each title builds to the next in sequence. This sequencing helps children gain critical background knowledge and easily engage with complex concepts in future grade levels.
  • Big ideas and key concepts: Every World of Words lesson is structured around big ideas and key concepts that help learners of all types understand the material and enhance differentiation.
  • Consistent lesson design: Daily lesson plans in World of Words make prep simpler and easier than ever before. Included are resources that help implement a Talk Together, Read Together, Reflect Together framework and more.

World of Words also strengthens the classroom-home connection by including a parent letter that encourages active participation and discussion about what their children are reading.

  • World of Words is organized around big ideas and age-appropriate topics. There are 10 WOW sets for the PreK, K, and Grade 1. Each set includes a lesson plan, five shared reading books, and picture cards. The five books in each set are carefully organized to provide children with repeated exposure to content-rich vocabulary.

    World of Words was developed by Susan B. Neuman, Professor and Chair of Teaching and Learning at New York University. WOW is an evidence-based reading program that has demonstrated the ability to improve language and literacy skills. Results from using WOW reported measurable improvements in vocabulary, conceptual development, and comprehension in children who come from high-need circumstances