• ThinkCERCA™ is an award-winning literacy platform that encourages students in grades 4 - 12 to build evidence-based arguments. ThinkCERCA allows for consistent, school-wide literacy instruction across all disciplines by utilizing relevant, leveled texts and tasks.

    ThinkCERCA helps students understand and utilize the CERCA model for argument construction. CERCA is:

    • Make Claims
    • Support with Evidence from the text
    • Clearly explain Reasoning
    • Identify Counterarguments
    • Address appropriate Audience

    ThinkCERCA focuses on providing students with texts and tasks that are "just right" for their needs. By supporting differentiation, ThinkCERCA allows for personalized instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners.

  • Additional benefits and features of ThinkCERCA include:

    • School-wide literacy instruction: The ThinkCERCA platform allows for collaboration across content areas. This is accomplished through a lesson library of relevant, leveled texts and tasks that build students’ discipline-specific knowledge while making close reading engaging and fun. All lessons feature in-text vocabulary and audio support, along with automated assessments for comprehension.
    • Writing across content areas: ThinkCERCA’s scaffolded lessons help students understand the process of using evidence and details to support their argumentative, informational, and narrative writings across multiple disciplines. The Interactive Argument Builder, rigorous writing prompts, and standards-aligned sentence frames help support students in building coherent, well-reasoned arguments.
    • Differentiated learning: Helpful tools and data allow you to monitor student progress in real-time and develop intervention strategies as necessary. ThinkCERCA also supports differentiation with its theme-based text sets that are available for 10 levels of readiness; you can auto-assign lessons by this readiness level.
    • Standards-aligned instruction: ThinkCERCA’s instructional designs were developed based on the research and practice of master teachers and nationally-recognized literacy experts. ThinkCERCA introduces key skills and concepts aligned with Common Core, NGSS, and C3. Standards-aligned grading rubrics are provided.
    • Assessment preparation: ThinkCERCA’s built-in assessments allow teachers to infuse practice with items that align directly with state assessments like PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT, SAT, and more. ThinkCERCA offers practice opportunities for constructing responses to text-based questions and providing supporting evidence for specific disciplines.
  • ThinkCERCA is a comprehensive literacy platform to personalize critical reading, writing, and thinking instruction. Help students prepare for key assessments and build core skills with ThinkCERCA.