• The ThinkCERCA™ personalized literacy platform helps educators effectively teach critical thinking across subjects. Through standards-aligned close reading and academic writing lessons for English language arts, science, social studies and math, its schoolwide approach to literacy instruction prepares students in Grades 4-12 for postsecondary life by building their analytical skills in every subject.

    At the heart of ThinkCERCA is the research-based CERCA Framework™ for teaching students how to read, write and think critically across subjects. For students to be prepared for the world ahead, they need to be willing, ready and able to:

    • Make claims.
    • Support their claims with evidence.
    • Explain their reasoning clearly.
    • Address counterarguments with civility.
    • Use language appropriate for their audience.

    The clarity and organization of the CERCA Framework helps teachers make the instructional shift of bringing literacy instruction into their everyday practice. When students, teachers and administrators use the same words and framework to discuss literacy, everyone can collaborate on the process with ease. In fact, studies show that as students strengthen their CERCA skills, they can achieve an average of two years of growth in a single school year.

  • Literacy Across Subjects
    To meet the demands of today’s rigorous assessments and tomorrow’s ever-changing world, students must be able to consume information, think about it critically and express their points of view effectively – no matter the topic. ThinkCERCA provides schools and districts with a common language for teaching literacy – specifically writing – across English language arts, social studies, science or math.

    Close Reading and Academic Writing
    ThinkCERCA’s multistep, interactive lessons help students work through complex texts and concepts while building high-level literacy skills. By practicing close reading and academic writing in school, students develop the communication skills to express their ideas effectively in any personal, professional or academic setting.

    ThinkCERCA’s differentiated curriculum makes it easy for teachers to challenge students with texts and tasks that are just right for them. Most lesson sets feature 10 leveled readings that are organized around a central, discipline-specific theme and an open-ended question to get all students engaged. Every lesson features a real-world, authentic text.

    Standards-Aligned Instruction
    With the adoption of more rigorous standards across the nation, many schools and districts are now acknowledging critical thinking as a must-have for 21st-century success. ThinkCERCA helps educators make the necessary instructional shifts to prepare students for success after high school. Its curriculum includes a range of close reading, academic writing, direct instruction and additional practice lessons to meet the demands of new state standards.

    Core ELA Curriculum
    For districts looking for a comprehensive solution to deliver rigorous literacy instruction, ThinkCERCA offers a core curriculum for Grades 6-8 English language arts. Designed by National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) teachers and nationally recognized literacy experts, ThinkCERCA's ELA curriculum is built upon proven methods for developing students' language and literacy skills.