• Lightbox™ is a multimedia educational space that encourages students to see learning in a whole new light. With Lightbox, students receive a true multimedia learning experience that incorporates audio, video, interactive activities, and much more across a variety of professionally developed curriculum.

    Designed to inspire contemporary students, Lightbox incorporates videos, Google Maps, worksheets, audio, quizzes, and other exciting interactive features. Lightbox also integrates access to your eBook collections, Destiny® Library Manager™, Vocabulary.com, and other key sites.

    Lightbox pricing starts at just $40 USD a title for multi-user access and is perpetual for every school. Enhance digital learning throughout your school: Order Lightbox on Titlewave, or contact your Follett representative today.

From the moment a student opens Lightbox, learning happens like never before. That’s because Lightbox incorporates unique interactive features into each of more than 100 available titles. Interactive elements in Lightbox include:

  • Audio: High-quality narration using an advanced text-to-speech system that ensures all students can understand
  • Video: Embedded high-definition video clips that make learning come alive
  • Activities: Printable PDFs that can be emailed and graded, ideal for assessing student progress
  • Weblinks: Carefully curated links to external, child-safe resources to enhance learning
  • Slideshows: Pictorial overviews of key concepts to engage and inspire visual learners
  • Google Maps: Interactive maps and satellite imagery that provide context
  • Quizzes: Multiple choice assessments that are automatically graded and emailed for teacher review
  • Key Words: Highlighted important terms matched with their definitions to enhance vocabulary and understanding
  • More than a collection of online texts, Lightbox makes learning an interactive and engaging experience for students of all types. Lightbox is designed for easy, affordable integration in to nearly any classroom, school, or district. Lightbox is:

    • Adaptable: Lightbox meets the needs of nearly every organization, providing unmatched value and inspiration
    • Differentiated: By including videos, audio, and other interactive elements, Lightbox supports every type of learner
    • Inspiring: Lightbox delivers a unique student-centered learning experience focused on interactivity and engagement
    • Integrated: Destiny Library Manager, Vocabulary.com, and even your eBook collection are directly accessible within each title
    • Comprehensive: Lightbox is designed to enhance vocabulary, comprehension, literacy development, and much more
    • Connected: Lightbox works with any device or course management system for maximum ease of use

    The list of Lightbox titles is constantly growing and covers a wide variety of science and social studies topics for grades PreK–6. Bundles are available based on grade level, theme, and more. This selection will be expanding to include titles for grades 7–12 in the near future; if you would like to be notified when these titles are available, contact your Follett representative.

  • Lightbox costs just $40 USD per title and includes a print copy of the book, along with a MARC record with perpetual multi-user access to the title. Online access includes all of the features listed above and utilizes just a single sign-on. Order Lightbox on Titlewave, or contact your Follett representative today for more information.

  • The Lightbox™ multimedia educational space incorporates audio, video, activities, and much more in to professionally developed reading curriculum. Lightbox works with a wide variety of devices and platforms. The technical specifications below highlight the necessary requirements for using Lightbox. 

  • Lightbox is built using industry standard HTML and HTML 5. Lightbox is compatible with the majority of operating systems and browsers created in the past five years, as well as mobile tablet operating systems and browsers that accommodate viewing sizes of 7” or more. 

    Lightbox is compatible with the following desktop operating systems and browsers:

    • Mac® OSX 10.4 or higher
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 10 or higher
    • Safari® browser
    • Firefox® browser
    • Opera browser
    • Chrome™ browser

    The Lightbox platform works with tablets that accommodate viewing sizes of 7” or larger. Lightbox is compatible with the following mobile devices and operating systems:

    • Apple iPad® iOS
    • Android™ OS 4.1 and higher, using tablets that support HTML and HTML 5
    • Chrome OS™ tablets, laptops, and Chromebook™ notebook computers

    Additionally, the Lightbox interface allows teachers to use the site on interactive whiteboards, computers, or any other device that meets the requirements above. Lightbox requires a minimum internet download connection speed of 500 kb/s for acceptable performance.

    With Lightbox, no applications are required to be installed or configured on any device. All content is streamed live to each user simultaneously.

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, OS X and Safari are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android, Google Chrome browser, Chrome browser and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Microsoft, Windows and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.