• Follett Classroom Connections™ is a digital learning platform that allows for lesson-based interactions between teachers and students within Follett eBooks. With Classroom Connections, you can prompt readers with questions, scaffold reading material and measure student engagement.

  • Classroom Connections is built around cover-to-cover features that strengthen student learning and support your efforts to build a digital classroom. Classroom Connections brings these valuable upgrades to your Follett eBooks.

    With Classroom Connections, you can:

    • Customize the eBook reading experience; focus learning on standards with notes and lesson messaging
    • Receive detailed insight into student reading habits with Time-on-Task Reporting
    • Easily search all research databases at once
    • Utilize teacher-curated websites to support research with WebPath Express™ integration 
    • Meet the needs of struggling readers by sequencing a series of eBooks; Reading Paths build content knowledge and promote differentiated instruction
    • Encourage the adults in a student’s life to play an active role in their eBook reading exploration with the Reading with Parent feature
    • Enjoy easy integration; the additional features of Classroom Connections are effortlessly activated on your eBook platform
    • Support both one-to-one and unlimited simultaneous access Follett eBooks

    Classroom Connections also includes integrated support for Reading Paths. Reading Paths allow teachers to guide their students’ reading experience by assigning a specific set of eBooks to an individual or group. Available in Fixed and Flexible formats, Reading Paths allow educators to tailor digital learning to meet the needs of struggling and advanced students alike.

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