• Engage students and improve achievement with digital audiobooks for the classroom. Gain instant access to thousands of the most popular PreK-12 titles available as audiobooks.

    Our digital audiobooks are ideal for struggling students and reluctant readers. Options are available from all the top PreK-12 audio publishers, including Playaway Audiobooks and the innovative Playaway Launchpad platform.


    Students can listen to thousands of audiobook titles – on their mobile devices or the web. Digital audiobooks have significant benefits for students at every grade level.

    Use Follett Audiobooks to:

    • Enrich Student Vocabulary: Digital audiobooks increase exposure to proper pronunciation and fluency
    • Increase Student Complexity of Text: Audiobooks help stretch student reading levels up two full grade levels
    • Emphasize Listening Ability: Digital audiobooks help children experience literature and language without the stress of decoding
    • Encourage Sustained Reading Times: Audiobooks inspire positive attitudes about reading and promote concentration

Digital audiobooks from Follett include numerous benefits for PreK-12 educators, including:

  • Thousands of titles, including Common Core, award-winners and the classics
  • No subscription fees: Purchase only the titles you chose
  • Auditing and reporting to track student usage
  • One app, Destiny Discover™, to access digital audiobooks and eBooks
  • Checkouts managed in Destiny® Library Manager™
  • Usage reports support accountability

Log in to Titlewave® to search digital audiobooks or contact a Follett representative at 877.899.8550.

Follett is the exclusive provider of Playaway® Launchpad, the first-ever secure and pre-loaded learning tablet designed for circulation use. The Playaway Launchpad tablet arrives shelf-ready: it’s pre-loaded with 10 educational apps and encased in a kid-friendly protective bumper. 

Utilizing the Android operating system, Launchpad provides custom-curated content: thousands of ad-free, educational apps are available with no librarian research required. The tablet is 100% secure, with no risk of exposing learners to unintended content. 

Additional features of Playaway Launchpad include:

  • One-touch reset: Designed to be used on a circulation basis, the Playaway Launchpad can be reset and prepared for the next learner with a single touch
  • Parent console: Family members can view analytics about time spent, top apps, and specific learning areas on the Launchpad tablet
  • Avatar builder and discovery points: Throughout their circulation period, learners create a custom avatar; through educational game play, students are rewarded with credits to purchase virtual accessories
  • Curated app packs: Numerous groups of educational apps are games are pre-bundled by subject area, theme, and age
  • Easy circulation: The Launchpad arrives in a circulation-friendly case that makes displaying and carrying the tablet a painless experience, while the doubled-tempered glass and protective bumper protects against damage

Playaway Digital Audiobooks are easy to use, made of droppable plastic and about half the size of a deck of cards. There’s no need for any special equipment and you don’t have to worry about long downloads, scratched discs or cumbersome cassettes.

Meet the needs of your school's auditory learners with Playaway Audiobooks:

  • Offer ESL/ELL students the opportunity to listen to spoken English that presents correct pronunciation and statement inflection
  • Improve student reading skills and vocabulary

Earbuds and lanyards sold separately.