• CCC! Streaming Media, now available exclusively through Follett, is a media on-demand service that provides access to over 7,000 educational video programs aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). By using CCC! Streaming Media, K-12 educators can utilize interactive, informative content that’s curated by experts. CCC! Streaming Media integrates with Follett Destiny® Library Manager™.

The Common Core, along with other state standards, emphasizes learning and education across multimedia platforms. CCC! Streaming Media video programs provide educators with the integrated resources they need to engage diverse learners. These programs can be accessed on whiteboards, monitors, laptops, tablets, and all video-capable handheld devices.

CCC! Streaming Media is offered as an annual subscription for educational organizations of every size. More than just a library of videos, CCC! Streaming Media also integrates a number of other educational features that support teaching, including:

  • Text-enabled PDF files with discussion questions and hands-on activities
  • Comprehension quizzes for monitoring student progress
  • Highlighted keywords to provide vocabulary support

Each CCC! Streaming Media program is approximately 15-20 minutes in length, with more than 100,000 2-3 minute clips available for specific subjects. Hundreds of new programs are added to CCC! Streaming Media each fall. Currently, content is available from top international publishers, including:

  • Disney Educational Productions
  • National Geographic
  • BBC
  • Weston Woods
  • The National Science Foundation
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    Align with critical standards and support personalized instruction with CCC! Streaming Media, a Follett exclusive. Explore this affordable on-demand service today: Contact a Sales Representative at 877.899.8550.