• Follett is the exclusive provider of publications and merchandise created by the International Baccalaureate® (IB). The collaboration between the IB and Follett allows schools worldwide to acquire the IB curriculum-supporting materials they need from a single source. 

    IB books, materials, and merchandise are available to our customers in two locations: Titlewave® for librarians, coordinators, and teachers, along with the Follett IB Store for parents and students.

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  • Follett’s collaboration with the IB makes it easier than ever to acquire International Baccalaureate books and merchandise. Follett is a worldwide leader in educational solutions and products; the thousands of global schools that utilize the IB curriculum can now leverage Follett’s unmatched expertise.

    With our support, purchasing and receiving IB materials comes with added benefits, including:

    • Cost effective shipping to almost any location
    • The ability to purchase IB materials and materials from other trusted publishers of IB content in a single transaction
    • Dedicated support from Follett’s expert customer care team
    • Curated material lists assembled by our team of educational experts
    • Direct access to Follett’s suite of education management solutions, like Destiny® Library Manager™
  • Follett offers materials published by the International Baccalaureate in two locations: Titlewave and the Follett IB Store. Each store is designed for a different audience. The video on the right highlights the benefits of using Titlewave for purchasing IB materials, including access to digital content and much more.

    To determine which store is right for you, explore both options below.



    Two Ways to Shop

  • Using either Titlewave or the Follett IB Store, customers can simplify their shopping experience. At both stores, you’ll find:

    • New and existing materials directly from the IB
    • Countless IB-supporting titles from trusted global publishers like Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Pearson
    • Official IB curriculum guides, markscheme packs, units of inquiry support, and other supporting resources
    • IB-branded merchandise, including clothing, pens, flags, pins, and more
    • Information on IB subscriptions like Questionbank and Inside IB Classrooms

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