Interactive eBooks

Strengthen the foundation of educational reading like never before with our collection of interactive eBooks. Featuring animation, sound, and touch, our interactive eBooks for schools give struggling and advanced readers alike the tools they need to make reading fun. Interactive school books with read-along technology encourage contemporary students to hone their reading skills by using technology they relate to and enjoy.

Capstone Interactive eBooks 
Engage struggling students and English Language Learners in classroom reading activities with Capstone Interactive eBooks™. Each interactive eBook gives reluctant readers a new way to make reading and learning fun. Capstone Interactive Library™ (CIL) eBooks are browser-based, iPad-compatible digital books that allow emergent readers to follow along as text is read aloud.
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Lerner Interactive Books 
Improve language fluency, enhance reading comprehension, promote broader vocabulary, and boost decoding skills with nonfiction, high-interest titles for Grades K-6. These interactive eBooks are easily iPad accessible through the Lerner Digital eReader app.
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Rosen Interactive eBooks 
Support your K-12 curriculum with a wide variety of nonfiction Rosen Interactive eBooks. Each series – CyberSmart, Teen Character Strength, and Spotlight On – provides unique learning opportunities including integrated extension activities, social media simulations, and interactive maps and timelines.
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Live Oak eReadalongs 
Each Live Oak eReadalong is more than a recitation of the eBook; it’s a full performance, with text and art telling the story, music creating the emotionality, and sound effects reinforcing word recognition while amplifying the action.
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Arbordale Interactive Books 
Arbordale’s mission is to create interactive eBooks that excite the imagination, are artistically spectacular, and have educational value. Arbordale achieves this feat with 99 interactive eBooks that feature fun, fictional stories with math, science, or nature themes that are brought to life by art.
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Rourke Interactive eBooks 
This series of nonfiction interactive eBooks is ideal for engaging young readers with fun, age-appropriate, interactive text. When you purchase a one-year subscription, you'll receive unlimited access to all 93 Rourke Interactive eBooks – all accessible 24/7 from school or home. 

The interactive eBooks for K-8 are designed to:

  • Motivate struggling readers with narration and highlighted words
  • Build vocabulary for English Language Learners
  • Captivate auditory learners
  • Promote fluency

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