Digital Audiobooks

Students can listen to thousands of audiobook titles – on their mobile devices or the web. Digital audiobooks have significant benefits for students at every grade level.

Use Follett Audiobooks to: 

  • Enrich student vocabulary. 
    Digital audiobooks increase exposure to proper pronunciation and fluency.
  • Increase student complexity of text. 
    Audiobooks help stretch student reading levels up two full grade levels.
  • Emphasize listening ability. 
    Digital audiobooks help children experience literature and language without the stress of decoding.
  • Encourage sustained reading times. 
    Audiobooks inspire positive attitudes about reading and promote concentration.


Why Follett Digital Audiobooks?

Digital audiobooks from Follett include numerous benefits for PreK-12 educators, including:

  • Thousands of titles, including Common Core, award winners, and the classics
  • The latest diverse and inclusive titles for social and emotional learning support
  • No subscription fees: purchase only the titles you chose
  • Auditing and reporting to track student usage
  • One app, Follett Destiny Discover®, to access digital audiobooks and eBooks
  • Checkouts managed in Follett Destiny® Library Manager
  • Usage reports support accountability

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