Digital Content

Follett is at the forefront in developing and providing exciting digital content to schools, districts, classrooms, and libraries. Our digital educational products include the latest eBooks, engaging interactive titles, and much more. This content is designed to engage learners at every level and provide the differentiation support and remote eLearning capabilities that 21st-century educators need.

Follett eBooks

Keep students engaged in literature of all types with Follett eBooks. Our library contains a large selection of PreK-12 titles covering every major subject area and genre, including Early Learning, Graphic Novels, Professional Learning, Science, Math, Art, History, and much more. Available on Titlewave® and our classroom materials website, Follett eBooks are the ideal cornerstone of any digital collection for the library or distance learning.

Interactive eBooks

Give students a reading experience like they’ve never had before: our interactive eBooks for schools combine reading with animation, sound, and touch in order to immerse students in learning. With titles available from the top PreK-12 publishers, including ABDO, Capstone, Lerner, and many more, we’re the definitive source for interactive educational content and digital school books.


Bringing learning to life, Lightbox™ uses video, audio, and text to explore content aligned with national and state standards and is ideal for student at-home use. With more than 1,000 high-interest titles in subjects such as science, language arts, and mathematics, each of the Lightbox titles features learning reinforced through slideshows, activities, quizzes, vocabulary, and at-home printable worksheets, as well as Google Maps™ to provide further context.

Digital Audiobooks

Students can listen to thousands of audiobook titles – on their mobile devices or the web. Digital audiobooks have significant benefits for students at every grade level.