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Jillian Heise's #ClassroomBookADay Resources


#ClassroomBookADay Themes

Started by Jillian Heise during the 2014-15 school year, #ClassroomBookADay was inspired by Donalyn Miller's (@donalynbooks) #bookaday challenge. With a goal to read aloud a picture book every day of the school year with her seventh and eighth grade students, 180 complete texts were shared that helped grow classroom community and reading engagement. After sharing it at #nErDcampMI that summer, other teachers wanted to try it. It was coined #ClassroomBookADay so there would be a hashtag specifically about these daily picture book read-alouds. Five years later, thousands of educators across the country are using #ClassroomBookADay to positively affect student learning in schools, classrooms, and libraries. Join in by learning more from Jillian Heise and commit to taking the challenge this school year!

Monthly Book Lists and Blogs

During the school year, Jillian will help you with your #ClassroomBookADay commitment by sharing picture book recommendations and a monthly reflection here on Follett Community. There will be a new theme or idea each month, so visit this page regularly for Jillian's latest #ClassroomBookADay insights and to explore her recommended read-alouds.

#ClassroomBookADay Themes

  1. Kindness
  2. Read with Pride
  3. Oceans/Seas
  4. Black Joy & Excellence
  5. Celebrating the Arts: Music & Dance 
  6. Making Everyone Feel Welcome Part 2 - Refugee Stories
  7. Making Everyone Feel Welcome Part 1 - Immigrant Stories
  8. Tales with a Twist
  9. Picture Books About Names 
  10. Celebrations Around the World
  11. Nature and the Environment: Earth Day Read-Alouds
  12. Food: Make Your Read-Alouds a Feast for the Senses
  13. Reading Aloud With Wordless Picture Books
  14. Books About Families: Rethinking How We Define Family
  15. Shocking Reveals and Unexpected Plot Twists: Read-Alouds With Surprise Endings
  16. Voting and Elections: Election Year Read-Alouds
  17. Grief, Loss and Remembrance: Turning to Books in Times of Grief
  18. Building Community: Relationship Building at the Start of the School Year
  19. You Do You: What Message Will You Leave Your Students With This Year?
  20. Social and Emotional Support: Support Social and Emotional Learning with #ClassroomBookADay
  21. Global Perspectives: #ClassroomBookADay for a New Perspective
  22. People Who Made a Difference: Dive Deeper with Picture Book Biographies
  23. Perseverance
  24. Spotlight on Nonfiction
  25. Native Nations: Honoring Voices of Native Nations
  26. Friendship: Can't We All Be Friends? #ClassroomBookADay
  27. Building Community: #ClassroomBookADay
  28. Getting Ready to Read: Picture Books to Get You Started with #ClassroomBookADay


#ClassroomBookADay Book Lists on Follett Titlewave



Add Jillian Heise's recommended #ClassroomBookADay books to your classroom library by visiting Titlewave #ClassroomBookADay Lists.


#ClassroomBookADay Webinar

Watch on-demand recording of webinar presented by Jillian Heise, Building Community: #ClassroomBookADay Read-Alouds.

About Jillian Heise

Jillian Heise, NBCT and MLIS, is currently a K-5 Library Media Teacher in southeastern Wisconsin. She previously taught Grades 7 and 8 ELA in the Milwaukee area for 11 years. Jillian is the founder of #ClassroomBookADay and dedicated to supporting all student identities and lived experiences through access to inclusive literature. She brings her literacy expertise and knowledge of kidlit to her role as Chair of the USRA Children's Literature Committee. You can find Jillian online at Heise Reads & Recommends and @heisereads.

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