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Welcome, Follett Destiny Users!

Your school or district recently adopted Follett Destiny®. Now what? 

Well, the first thing to know is that Follett Destiny is more than software.

It’s a community and a commitment to ensuring every student has the resources they need to succeed academically. As a Destiny user, you have access to an extensive list of free and paid opportunities to help you support student outcomes and maximize your Destiny investment. We’ve compiled some of them here to help you get started! 

NEW! Explore Destiny Deep Dive Training. 

Get the most out of the Follett Destiny platform with exclusive recorded training sessions for Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Resource Manager. With more than nine hours of insightful content, these specialized online training sessions empower educators to maximize the impact of resources inside and outside the library. 

With recorded training, you control your schedule and pace with 24/7 access to on-demand content! Information covers a wide range of Destiny topics, including how to maximize your library and non-library resources, optimize your investment with custom reports, use Destiny to collaborate with your entire school community, save money while enabling resource sharing with the Advance Booking feature, and much more. 

Need help onboarding new staff members? Learn how to empower your school community to use resources efficiently with exclusive training you won’t get anywhere else. From self-paced foundational training to help new users get started to comprehensive training for advanced users who want to grow their Destiny knowledge and skills, Destiny Deep Dive Training can help. 

Learn more. Sign up now. 

Join the Follett Community.

If you’re looking to share knowledge and engage in discussions with other librarians, teachers, and administrators, sign up for Follett Community today. This online gathering place is where members share ideas and solutions, including how to get the most out of Follett products, services, and software. You’ll also learn about software updates as they happen.  

While you’re at it, register for Trailhead, a guided learning experience that features Follett product lines in a fun and engaging platform full of useful content. Earn badges as you learn new skills at your own pace! 

Join Follett Community. Explore guided learning. 

Enjoy free webinars.

From learning about Titlewave® tools that will optimize your library budget to understanding weeding and catalog access in Destiny Library Manager, our free webinar series offers something for everyone. Sign up today for one or more webinars to expand your knowledge base and support student outcomes. All are welcome!  

Browse the webinar offerings. 

Outsource to Follett. 

Schools and districts outsource processes and functions to improve operations and save money. Frequently outsourced services include student transportation, janitorial tasks, and cafeteria services. Rather than the school or district having to hire and train employees to perform specialized tasks, service providers who are experts in their field step in to help.

Managed Services by Follett is the same. Our experts can fulfill on-demand requests and be part of your team for a day, a month, or the entire school year. Whether our certified librarians work alongside you to weed materials or our resource management experts barcode and distribute your 1:1 devices, the Follett Team can integrate seamlessly with your team to make your job easier. We would love to help you and your colleagues!

Read more about Managed Services. 

Upgrade your hardware. 

Support digital learning, protect your assets, and enhance Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Resource Manager with barcode scanners, labels, printers, and RFID inventory products from Follett. With our unmatched expertise and best-in-class customer service, you can trust us to provide the hardware peripherals you need. Are your hardware and barcodes up to the challenge? Learn more. 

Librarian Carrie Friday shared how she makes library visits more magical for her students with new equipment from Follett. 

Watch video. 

Sign up for newsletters. 

Have you signed up for our free newsletters? We provide tips and resources for librarians, teachers, and all users through our email newsletters and updates. Make sure you don’t miss the latest news and tools. Sign up today for The Wave, The Scoop, and The Baccalaureate. Invite your colleagues to subscribe, too! Learn more. 

Upgrade your reading lists.

Foster an excitement for reading in your library with an integrated add-on subscription to Destiny for only $300. Destiny Discover® Engage provides recommendations for readers in all grades and makes reading fun by promoting challenges, summer programs, and more! Learn more. 

Future Ready Librarian Shannon McClintock Miller recently shared how her district uses Destiny Discover Engage to create and foster a reading community that engages students and builds excitement around reading. She provided screenshots and instructions to help other educators do the same. Read Shannon’s blog post.

Need more? 

We also offer articles with tech tips from educators, ideas for genrefying your library, advice for securing ESSER funding, and so much more. Have a question? We’d love to hear from you. We also offer functional tech support. 

Contact us. 

P.S. We’re not your average software company. We care about student outcomes, and we care about you! If there is ever anything we can do to support you, please let us know. We’re happy your school or district joined the Follett family, and we look forward to getting to know you. Thanks for being here! 

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