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Motivate Readers to Improve Spanish Language Comprehension with Nonfiction Series

Vista Higher Learning develops innovative digital and print solutions to connect the world through language and culture. Since the year 2000, they have been creating world language materials that generate excitement for cultural learning in both teachers and students alike. This includes popular nonfiction series for elementary students, some of which we will highlight below. You can also browse the Titlewave® list of the most popular titles.

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¿Qué fue…? / What Was…? 
Audience: Lower Elementary

The ¿Qué fue…? series encourages students to live history through exciting accounts of important historical events. Short chapters and 16 pages of historical photos motivate even the most reluctant readers to learn about famous events and landmarks. Each book contains:

  • Interesting facts and anecdotes that spark curiosity
  • Maps and timelines to provide historical context
  • Illustrations and photographs to support comprehension

¿Quién fue…? / Who Was…? 
Audience: Upper Elementary

The ¿Quién fue…? series is a great way to introduce students to important historical figures. The engaging design and format of this biography series appeals to even the most reluctant readers. Each book contains:

  • Facts and interesting anecdotes to spark curiosity
  • Helpful full-page sidebars that expand on the narrative
  • Timelines that link world events with those of the character’s life

Mi vida más allá / My Life Beyond
Audience: Upper Elementary

This series is a collaboration between patients, Mayo Clinic physicians, and author illustrator Hey Gee. Through this unique lens of inspiring real-life experiences, the series explores how children view illness, challenges, and recovery.

Gente común y corriente que cambió el mundo / Ordinary People Change the World 
Audience: Lower Elementary

Each picture book biography in this New York Times best-selling series tells the story of a significant historical figure in a simple, conversational, playful way, always focusing on a character trait that makes the hero a role model for kids. An amazing social studies and SEL combo!

Fácil de leer / Easy to Read 
Audience: Lower Elementary

A delightful series of literary and informational texts with easy-to-read stories, ideal for beginning and struggling readers.

Vista Higher Learning is committed to their mission of raising the level of teaching and learning of languages to new heights. These popular nonfiction series demonstrate their main focus of providing high quality, integrated print and digital solutions that meet the needs of all language learners.


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