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5 Ways to Maximize Destiny Resource Manager

As one of 25,000 schools that use Follett Destiny® Resource Manager to easily track all district assets, you have access to an easy-to-use, centralized school management system that enables you to manage and distribute curriculum and technology resources, ensuring that you’re making the most of your investment. The best part is that Resource Manager is always evolving with customer-requested features that support your unique needs. 

Here are five ways you can use this school management system to maximize your resources to ensure no student is ever left empty-handed.

  1. Seamless Distribution and Collection 

    Resource Manager offers inventory management at both the district and school levels from Grades K-12, ensuring accountability across the board. Inventories of everything from technology devices to textbooks can be created and overseen by staff, avoiding the headaches that come with disorganized inventory tracking. Maintain security and peace of mind with detailed permission settings within the school management system to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your inventory data. 

    Rest assured that you can monitor all assets from check in to check out. Use digital signature agreements in your distribution and collection workflows to always know where your resources are. It’s easy for parents and guardians to submit signatures from their computer or mobile device ahead of time or during the check out phase, and all forms are stored in an organized fashion within Resource Manager.
  2. Getting the Full Picture of Your Inventory 

    Resource Manager provides comprehensive data about your assets – providing you with everything you need to know in one place. It can record an item’s entire history while tracking maintenance schedules, user manuals, depreciation, correct disposal history, and help ticketing. Even after an asset has been deleted or removed, these historical notes and records are still maintained and reportable within the school management system. 

    In addition, Resource Manager allows for class schedule integration, which is used for forecasting classroom needs. You can use enrollment data to avoid ordering too many resources, ensuring that every student has access to the resources they need while staying within your budget. 
  3. Supporting Your 1:1 Device Initiative 

    Destiny Resource Manager is a full-service solution for your 1:1 device initiative. Resource Manager makes it easy to transfer device data from Google Workspace or Jamf Pro while keeping it in sync with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. With the MDM integration, you can accelerate asset imports and 1:1 device deployment, perform a physical inventory of your assets, or conduct recurring audits within Resource Manager. The MDM integration ensures that all systems are up to date, keeping your district informed of inventory status changes, such as lost or stolen items. Plus, users can deploy digital signature agreements to speed up 1:1 device rollouts and general resource distribution.  
  4. Professional Development: Manage More Inventory in Less Time 

    Follett provides professional development that enables staff to quickly master their inventory. 

    Our experts can teach you how to use the system from top to bottom. We’ll show you how to search for and edit asset information, track specific resources using item records and descriptions, check out, check in, and use the preconfigured reporting features. 

    From managing and tracking resources to setting up security and leveraging analytics, we can show you how to take full advantage of the software and all its features and upgrades in a simple, easy-to-understand way. 

    Follett also provides consulting to support every step of your resource management journey. Our dedicated consultants work with you to leverage all the capabilities of Resource Manager, including establishing and maintaining data integrity, determining resource types, prioritizing assets and determining responsibility for asset management at the district and site level, capturing data for each resource, and identifying tools for implementation success.
  5. Support That Has Your Back 

    From technical support to specialized services, Follett experts are here to ensure you are capitalizing on all Resource Manager has to offer in meeting your unique resource and inventory management needs. 

    Users can receive expert Follett Destiny training at a time that works for your team. Whether you’re requesting a demo or need troubleshooting assistance, guidance is always available. 

    You can also access webinars, blogs, tutorials, and more to help you unleash the full power of Resource Manager. Follett is here to answer all your questions, enabling you to make the most of your assets to bring student learning to new heights.

Getting a Handle on Your Inventory
Resource Manager is the ideal resource  management system that maximizes your investments while ensuring your educators have the tools they need to provide a meaningful and impactful education to the next generation. To learn more about making the most out of Resource Manager, contact your Follett Sales Representative today.

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