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5 Ways to Unleash the Full Power of Destiny Library Manager

There’s a reason Follett Destiny® Library Manager is the leading integrated library system for K-12 schools worldwide. This content management software for libraries helps drive reading, literacy, and digital skills, provides easier access and management of library resources, and puts books into the hands of educators and students when they need it most.

Destiny Library Manager works for both librarians and students. Library Manager enables librarians to easily manage assets and to use data-based insights to identify student reading trends – promoting student literacy. This powerful library software can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and students’ homes.

Best of all, Library Manager is continuously updated based on customer feedback to support your ever-evolving needs. Now, let’s go in-depth on five reasons why 9,000 school districts worldwide rely on Library Manager to make the most of their library.

  1. Effective Reporting Features 

    Library Manager enables educators to track their school library resources in real time, ensuring they have the tools they need to help students succeed. Data reporting can be done at both a district and grade level. For example, library data can be filtered by elementary, middle school, and high school levels.
  2. Destiny Discover

    Follett Destiny Discover® comes included with Library Manager ­– putting a treasure trove of educational resources at your students’ fingertips. This centralized content solution keeps all your print and digital resources in one place, including eBooks, audiobooks, interactive books, and both free and paid subscription databases.

    Educators can easily share resources across their school community while promoting student collaboration. These resources can be accessed through any web browser via and the free Follett Destiny Discover® mobile app.

    With a variety of customization capabilities, Discover helps you to meet students where they are. Advanced user role settings ensure students only see information that is relevant to them. Administrators can customize Discover with a variety of creative themes, making reading a fun experience that fits a variety of student learning styles.
  3. Collections by Destiny 

    Within Discover is Follett Collections by Destiny® – a collaborative way for librarians, teachers, and curriculum staff to share free or purchased resources across your district, school, or between users. 

    Students and teachers can access district resources in Discover and add them to any Collection. Each collection can include web pages, images, documents, eBooks, and more. Collections can also be shared publicly or kept private. 

    Collections enables educators to implement their resources directly into their curriculum. Educators can seamlessly create collections that pair content to instruction, and students can collect and curate resources for assignments, projects, and tasks.

    This creates a centralized place where resources meet curricula, encouraging students to share their creativity while making the most of the resources they need to tackle assignments.
  4. Destiny Discover Engage

    Follett Destiny Discover® Engage is an add-on subscription that helps students commit to their independent reading journey. 

    Destiny Discover Engage ensures students build a capacity and passion for reading with customized recommendations, programs, and reading challenges along with the data you need to monitor progress and trends. 

    Engage recommends books to students based on their unique needs and preferences. Educators can promote and manage large-scale reading initiatives such as summer reading programs and other reading events. Users can create reading challenges that encourage students to strive to improve their reading abilities. Plus, students who excel can be rewarded with badges. And with data-based insights and reporting, educators can develop a succinct picture of the progress their students are making on their reading journeys.
  5. MackinVIATM Integration 

    Library Manager also integrates with MackinVIA, enabling easier access to and management of MackinVIA ebooks and audiobooks. In Library Manager, students will spend less time sifting through resources and more time learning from and enjoying them. Plus, many of these titles are multi-user, meaning there is no limit on the number of users who can use the resource simultaneously. This means no more waiting for resources to become available. 

    This integration helps librarians by making it easier than ever to get a clear picture of their whole collection in one location – enabling simplified library resource management. With this organized collection in place, it’s also never been simpler for students to make the most of their library’s resources.

Managing and Promoting Your Library Resources with Ease

Library Manager is the ideal integrated library system to get students engaged in learning, regardless of how they enjoy consuming content. This library software is the key to maximizing library resources for schools and districts – giving greater visibility into how content is distributed and consumed. With the library management and content sharing capabilities of Library Manager, educators can provide the best possible learning environment for students. To learn more about making the most out of Library Manager, contact your Follett Sales Representative today.

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