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Share the Importance of Catholic Education


We’ve created templates in a variety of colors to create table tents that you can print and place around your school for Catholic Schools Week. The templates are editable, which means you can add quotes to the templates by using Adobe Acrobat, Canva, or print them out and write directly on them. You can even add your school branding or images. 


Why table tents? 

The eye is drawn to novelty. If you place a colorful table tent with a strong quote at your school’s front desk, for example, visitors will read it because it’s eye-catching. And teachers who use them in the classroom, whether on bookshelves, work tables, or their desks, will find that students are drawn to them for their uniqueness.

And why is directing attention to these quotes a good thing?

Because meaningful quotes from Catholic leaders are another way for your school to celebrate the importance of Catholic education. If you’d like to collect table tents with quotes from stakeholders in your school community ahead of time, you can feature their words as well. We’ve even created a quick Google Form you can save, personalize, then send out via email or social media to make the quote collection process easy. 

Here are the quotes we’ve collected for you to add to your table tent template if you’d like.

An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of the Catholic schools.
Pope Francis

The entire effort of the Catholic teacher is oriented toward an integral formation of each student.
William Cardinal Baum

An inclusive education finds a place for all and does not select in an elitist way the beneficiaries of its efforts.
Pope Francis

All knowledge is sterile which does not lead to action and end in charity.
Cardinal Desire Joseph Mercier

Let us thank all those who teach in Catholic schools. Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life.
Pope Francis

How It Works

Select Your Quotes

  • Collect short quotes to print on your table tents. You can use the quotes we provided above or use a Google Form to collect quotes from students, parents, board members, etc. We’ve even created a form you can personalize and use – grab a copy here
  • Send an email or use a social media post ahead of Catholic Schools Week asking for statements explaining the value they see in Catholic school education, then share the link to the form. Community members can also email their quotes to you. We’ve even created templates for your social media posts!
  • If you use a Google Form, the resulting spreadsheet is where you’ll go to select quotes and paste them into your table tent template.

Add Quotes to Template

  • Using Adobe Acrobat or Canva, add a quote in the editable area on the front of the blank table tent template. 
  • Proofread and edit the quotes if needed.
  • You can add your school’s branding or an image in the provided editable area on the back of the table tent.
  • Print.


  • Place your table tents anywhere that people are!  
  • Be creative – if there will be a board meeting around Catholic Schools Week, place table tents on the tables. If there is an all-school Mass, set up a table outside the doors to the chapel and display some of your tents there.
  • When Catholic Schools Week is over, the table tents can be laminated and saved for a permanent display in your school.


We'd love to see pictures of your tables tents! Post them on social media and tag us at @FollettClass on Twitter, and @FollettClassroom on Facebook and Instagram.  

Here's to a great Catholic Schools Week! 
*Looking for more way to celebrate Catholic Schools Week? Check out our next blog on ways to decorate your school’s hallways, share on social media, or send to your families - that show and express your love for your school. 

Amy Raemont is a former marketing communications copywriter at Follett School Solutions. She worked at a Catholic high school for 13 years as an English and journalism teacher and five years as an instructional technology coach. She’s a Google Certified Educator and Google Certified Trainer. Her love of technology started in eighth grade when she received her first computer, a Radio Shack TRS-80.

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