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Custom Collections for the International Baccalaureate

DK Publishing has created title collections customized to the International Baccalaureate (IB) mission and curriculum, along with guides to make lesson planning a breeze. Each collection was thoughtfully curated to support transdisciplinary understanding, inquiry, and international mindedness. 

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IB Collection: Primary Years Programme

This collection of 18 beautifully illustrated nonfiction books for Primary Years Programme (PYP) educators is based on the six transdisciplinary themes to support PYP teaching and learning. These titles will help to foster student agency, transdisciplinary understanding, and international mindedness. A free educator guide is also available, with lesson activities based around transdisciplinary themes.

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IB Collection: Lower Middle Years Programme

Filled with expert, thorough, and fact-filled writing, this collection of 13 highly illustrated books is a boon for Lower Middle Years Programme (MYP 1-3) educators. The accessible content spans topics from extensive coverage of history to contemporary global issues such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection offers a free educator guide with lesson activities that emphasize and reinforce the “action-inquiry-reflection” MYP learning cycle.

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IB Collection: Upper Middle Years Programme

These 14 photo-heavy books for Upper Middle Years Programme (MYP 4-5) educators are perfectly matched to core MYP disciplines. Each title was thoughtfully chosen to strengthen and support learner profile attributes. A free educator guide is available, with subject-specific assessment criteria, global contexts, and related concepts. 

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IB Collection: Diploma Programme

This collection consists of 13 titles from DK’s Big Ideas Simply Explained series. Each book in the series features clear writing and simple design to convey complex concepts in a concise manner, with wide-ranging content sophisticated enough for the rigors of the Diploma Programme (DP). The titles in this set include The Literature Book, The Ecology Book, The Movie Book, The Philosophy Book, and more.

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