Empowering Your District with Aspen Training

The Follett team is always here to show you how to make the most of our tools. We offer free webinars and weekly Q&A calls, as well as workshops for an additional fee.

Weekly Webinars

Schools and districts that subscribe to webinars get access to a huge collection of recordings and invitations to weekly live Lunch & Learn webinars where content is presented and attendees can ask questions. These one-hour live webinars, which are available every Wednesday of the year, address subjects for both new and seasoned Aspen Student Information System users. The topics covered range from accessing the gradebook to special education requirements to seeking an online course.

Aspen Fall Workshops

Aspen Student Information System seminars offer a terrific chance to delve deeply into some of Aspen’s biggest features for individuals seeking something more than a weekly webinar. Users can take advantage of a six-part system administration refresher, which is delivered several times throughout the fall. Other sessions cover subjects like tracking graduation requirements, creating and using workflows, enhancing your Aspen experience through templates and indicators, and setting up online course requests and teacher recommendations.

Build Workshops 

Users can learn about all the features the Aspen Student Information System schedule engine offers thanks to this broad set of trainings. Every activity that needs to be finished before creating a schedule is addressed. Prepare to build workshops are available from December through May as a lead-up to our build workshops, which are held all summer long.

Elementary Group Scheduling Workshops 

Through this practical training, elementary schools will receive step-by-step instructions on how to use the group scheduling application to construct a schedule. With group scheduling, students are conveniently added to section rosters, which may or may not specify a specific meeting time. This can be done for one student, a group of students, a grade level, or all students.

Scheduling Q&A Calls 

These free weekly remote conversations, which are provided once a week in the spring and twice a week in the summer, provide users access to a scheduling specialist to ask any scheduling problems and to seek help with a topic specific to their school or district.

Onsite or Remote Custom Trainings

To suit the requirements of your district, our Aspen Student Information System trainers can design a half-or full-day on-site or remote training. Based on usage expectations and end user experiences with Aspen, the training team might suggest and recommend subjects to cover.

Contact your Aspen Sales Rep to finalize the training that is right for you.