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JANUARY 17, 2019

Follett’s New Service Helps K-12 Libraries with Genrefication

Making the Transition from Dewey Simplified with Follett Genre Solutions

MCHENRY, IL – Follett, a longtime leader in the K-12 library space, has unveiled Follett Genre Solutions to help simplify genrefication for librarians and media specialists seeking to make the transition from the Dewey Decimal System to a more bookstore-like layout based on genres.

“Follett Genre Solutions can help schools create a library space that allows students better access to the books they love and the ability to explore new genres with ease,” said Steve Siegel, Senior Vice President Global Product and International, Follett School Solutions. “Genrefication makes it easy for kids to find books by their favorite genre, which increases reading and student literacy while at the same time freeing librarians to devote more attention to students needing more personalized attention.”

“Plus, those librarians who have genrefied their libraries often tell us how pleased they are at the large jump in circulation of their collection,” Siegel continued.

As genrefication has become more popular over the past few years, especially for the fiction collection, Siegel said schools and districts have looked to Follett to provide support for a wide range of their genre needs. The needs range from best practices assistance for flipping from Dewey, to simplified ordering, and even advice on which genres make most sense for use in the school library.

Eight months ago, Follett formed a Genrefication Advisory Board, composed of 27 experienced librarians and media specialists already using genres in their libraries.

“The Advisory Board, along with our internal team of librarians, evaluated more than a thousand genrefied libraries,” Siegel said. “We then created an efficient way to help streamline the genrefication process for our customers.”

In addition to producing a guide that explains how Follett Genre Solutions help a librarian or media specialist execute a successful genrefication transformation, further support is provided by the company through:

  • Do-It-Yourself Genre Starter Kits
  • Colorful labels and signage that Follett provides to all its genre customers
  • Follett Titlewave® improvements that allow genres to be automatically assigned to book orders
  • Tips for how to maximize the available features through the market-leading Follett Destiny® Library Manager and Titlewave® solutions.

For those who don’t have the time or resources to “flip” their libraries, Follett also offers genre consulting services.

“I would absolutely recommend Follett genrefication services to other schools,” said Cara Fitzgerald, librarian/literacy coach and academic coordinator, Equality Charter School in Bronx, N.Y. “If you have a clear vision of the reading experience you want to offer your students but aren’t entirely sure how to make it a reality, the Follett team will help you navigate the logistics to ensure that your dream comes to fruition.”

For more information about Follett Genre Solutions, visit To view of video of how Follett recently helped a junior high school with the genrefication of its library in Katy, Texas, visit

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