• Find the right grant for your school or district. This 137-page document lists grants for 33 different subject areas. Simply click one of the subject areas at the top of the document to get more information on the available grants, including elgibility, requirements, award amounts, application deadlines and links for more information.

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  • There are many grant opportunities at the Federal and State Level. Take a look at some of the most popular grants below.

District or School-Wide Projects

Look at these national programs to help your district or school.

Smaller Grant Opportunities

In addition to your State Education Agency there are often local opportunities in your community and from the corporate world to explore.

National School Library Program of the Year (NSLPY)

The National School Library Program of the Year Award, (NSLPY) is sponsored by Follett and recognizes school library excellence.

  • Districts across the country partner with Follett to get the most out of their Title 1 funds. Our in-house experts can help you choose the best resources to align to your curriculum goals. Whether you're developing a targeted program or exploring how to best allocate your school-wide resources, we can meet your needs.

    Our content portfolio is comprehensive; it includes library books, textbooks, eContent, educational databases, and much more. We also have unparalleled experience in managing and delivering these learning materials to teachers and students. Follett represents an ideal partner for enriching your organization’s educational mission.

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