• Follett supplies best-in-class educational content, technology and services. With unmatched expertise, we’re an industry leader in PreK-12 resources, materials, and content management. We can put that expertise to work for you in your district, school, classroom, library, and everywhere in between. 

    Our unique combination of personalized content and practical solutions help you do more with less, meet rigorous provincial standards, make the most of your budget, and prepare students for future success.

    “ When Destiny was brought to our board a few years ago, there was a lot of excitement because we were able to take the library outside of the physical walls of the library. ”
    Kim Salierno Resource Teacher School Library and Educational Resources K-12, District School Board of Niagara

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  • We understand the unique institutional needs and goals of Canadian educators across every province and territory. That’s one of the many reasons why business administrators and educators choose Follett. Our education services are designed help you meet your budgetary goals, manage student data, increase literacy, and support your curriculum.

    When you choose Follett, you can:

    • Comprehensively manage student data and keep parents informed with Aspen™ Student Information System (SIS)
    • Provide seamless access to curriculum instruction and support differentiated instruction with Aspen Instructional Management System (IMS)
    • Manage, track and search all of your print and digital content with Destiny® Library Manager™
    • Promote resource accountability and streamline tracking, analysis, and forecasting with Destiny Resource Manager™
    • Supply your school with the latest and greatest hardware, including barcode labels, scanners, and receipt printers

    Business administrators and district representatives choose Follett because of our expertise with Canadian schools. We'll even support your staff with training and assistance from local Canadian representatives.

  • Your school library is a hub for information and learning resources for students. We’re here to help you meet and exceed that goal. We’ll help you in every aspect of your library, from collection building to cataloging to processing. When you work with Follett, your materials will arrive shelf-ready. Our Canadian education services are designed to make your job easier and the library more relevant than ever before. 

    By selecting Follett, you’ll be able to strengthen the library-classroom connection. With our education services, you can:

    • Manage, track, and analyze all library materials with our Destiny Library Manager platform
    • Support student learning by integrating digital content including eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive materials
    • Improve student research skills with subscriptions to resource-rich, educator-verified databases
    • Provide 24/7 access to eContent both inside and outside the library with our Follett eBooks and eContent management platforms
    • Purchase affordable, award-winning library books and textbooks from thousands of world-wide publishers
    • Search and order new materials easily and directly through our revolutionary Titlewave® collection development tool
    • Coming soon: Take advantage of our exclusive agreement with the International Baccalaureate® (IB) to purchase IB materials, merchandise, supporting texts, and more

    Librarians can also use our TitleWise analysis tool to take the guesswork out of collection development. TitleWise integrates with Titlewave and Destiny Library Manager to analyze materials and upload MARC records with a single click.

  • We help K-12 schools turbocharge learning and boost student engagement by providing classroom-focused resources. That includes ensuring all materials are accessible to those who need them. With our unmatched expertise in serving Canadian educators, we can help you take your classroom to new heights.

    When educators and administrators partner with Follett, they can:

    • Purchase classroom materials at an affordable price, including textbooks, reference materials, study guides, and A/V
    • Use our Titlewave online development and search tool to reinforce curriculum or fill material gaps
    • Access Follett’s expert-created curriculum tags to find educationally-relevant content that meets provincial standards
    • Engage contemporary students and enhance the classroom experience with digital materials, including eBooks
    • Create customized learning paths and encourage digital literacy with our Classroom Connections module

    Our education resources make instruction simultaneously easier and more effective. By tightly integrating digital content, traditional textbooks, and customized learning paths, teachers can enjoy the significant benefits of differentiated instruction.