Literacy Advocacy

Kick-start your community literacy outreach.

Books are power. At Follett, we want to see a world where everyone has access to books. We can help you start or continue your literacy outreach program so that you can put books into kids’ hands within your community.  

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Community Outreach

A world free of illiteracy is a more equitable world, and one that we’re dedicated to helping to create. Reading programs are a wonderful means by which community-minded organizations can get books into the hands of children, igniting passions for learning and language that can last a lifetime. By using our robust inventories and extensive knowledge of books, we can develop a thoughtfully curated selection of titles that will fit any budget and community. We excel at selecting titles for programs and initiatives such as:

  • Books for summer reading 
  • Classroom and library donations 
  • Summer school giveaways 
  • Volunteer reading programs
  • Early childhood literacy initiatives
  • Corporate giving initiatives

We can also assist with literacy event planning and execution. From literacy workshops and early childhood reading series, to raffles, corporate giveaways, and promotions, we’re here to collaborate and help make your events a success.

Expert Book Curation

Sparking a love of reading can be as simple as finding the right books for your audience. We have hundreds of thousands of titles available for immediate shipping and a team of experts who excel at choosing titles for all age ranges and reading levels. We are collaborative, creative, and passionate about reading! Let us help you make the best selections for your community. Some of the ways that our team can assist you include:

  • Grade-level curated assortments
  • School-wide curated assortments
  • Curating titles to your specific budget
  • Specific genres, arranged by reading level
  • Large quantities of individual titles; a wide variety of titles

We partnered with Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program nonprofit to promote summer reading. Our team of experts curated a selection of books that met both their budget and curriculum criteria. 

“These books are for the joy of reading, something they’re really interested in, and go a long way to building these kids’ home libraries. The more words we can get them to read now, the stronger readers they will become.”