FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Authentic Literacy Instruction

Join us for this revealing presentation, during which we will explore how authentic literacy learning is a result of authentic literacy teaching – focusing on what real readers, writers, and communicators do outside of the classroom.

Secondary English Language Arts (ELA) students deserve high-quality research-based literacy instruction. Our presenters are advocates for an “Authentic Literacy Action Plan” that analyzes current research, implementing practical application in the classroom. At the same time, Secondary ELA teachers deserve high-quality research-based support to design and implement the instruction. This means that teachers must have access to current, relevant, and interesting materials that meet individual students where they are in their literacy learning process. 

In this webinar, our presenters will discuss the research base that articulates what we mean by “high-quality” literacy instruction – including the support and understanding that teachers deserve. Also, we discuss the tools that teachers and students must have available to accomplish high-quality research-based instruction; namely, classroom libraries filled with authentic texts that interest and motivate students to engage in the literacy practices that we know are instrumental to their growth.

Participants will learn: 

  • How to advocate for authentic literacy practices in Secondary ELA classrooms (including research base)
  • How to curate authentic literacy resources for instructional use in Secondary ELA classrooms (including classroom libraries).
  • How to interest and motivate students to take ownership of their growth (including as readers and writers).
  • How to use mentor texts, from authentic high-interest books, to facilitate reading and writing connections (including mini-lessons, conferring, and the use of Reader's/Writer's Notebooks).

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