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Stay knowledgeable and gain invaluable inspiration with these archived webinars and podcasts. Created with educators in mind, these informative recordings cover curricula, digital education, innovative teaching, and much more. For upcoming live webinars, Follett institutes, and more, explore our event listings.

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Let the Kids be the Filter: Teaching Students to be Discriminating Researchers

Get lessons to help students critically evaluate their search results – distinguishing fact, using visual clues to infer purpose, recognizing bias, and identifying what helps them learn more.

Common Core Guided Reading Leveled Classroom Libraries with a K-6 Focus

Integrate the Common Core with the best authentic literature. Hear about authentic literature and teaching support for integrating CCSS into your small group reading block.

How to Develop Your School Library Advocacy Program

Presenters share examples of how they setup the program to help the district make the transitions from previous technologies to new ones.

The Common Core State Standards in ELA for K-5 Students: Integrating Hands-On Materials and Books to Support Literacy and Skill-Building

Samantha Berg is the Educational Marketing Manager for Learning Resources. As the Educational Marketing Manager, she helps develop solutions to support the Common Core State Standards. Previously, she was an Educational Consultant for school districts across the country. During that time, she had the opportunity to talk with teachers and district administrators about their plans for implementing the Common Core. Samantha graduated from Saint Louis University with a B.A. in Elementary Education.

Common Core and Text Types: What Should Students Be Reading?

Go on a (surprising) tour of texts suggested by the Common Core State Standards. Learn the types of texts required, how to think about application of the text types for a variety of classroom situations.

Integrating Digital Technology Into Literacy Instruction

The use of digital tools in literacy and language arts instruction becomes more critical to educators everyday.

What Should Students be Writing? Common Core Expectations for Writing and Best Practices for Meeting Writing Requirements

This session highlights the CCSS expectations for writing and specific strategies for helping students exceed those goals.