Student Information System

Image for Student Information System from FSS Marketing Store If you’re looking for a centralized platform that can manage student data, empower reporting, and engage staff with the necessary collaborative and instructional planning tools, you’ve come to the right place. Our student information system (SIS) houses all of these important operations in one location, making it easy for students and teachers to connect and stay organized.

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I think there are a lot of different Follett products that all fit in to what happens at schools and Aspen is the piece that pulls the different products together.

Jim Monti Director of Technology at West Warwick Public Schools

Aspen Student Information System (SIS)

Our integrated student information system houses student data all on one platform, giving educators the means to quickly access student and classroom stats while empowering students to take a more active role in their learning. Aspen (SIS) combines multiple databases to track class schedules, school events, student performance, athletic eligibility, and individual health records.

Our school software is cost-effective, convenient, and serves as a powerful resource for both students and staff. Aspen also doubles as a digital platform that’s capable of extracting and applying state-specific guidelines directly to student data, enabling state-wide reporting with the click of a button.

Features of Aspen (SIS)

  • Quick access to timely, actionable data
  • Comprehensive, customized state reporting
  • Robust gradebook for traditional and standards-based scoring
  • Master scheduling- to arrange class and event schedules that best fits the needs of the students
  • Health database provides access to student medical information and tracks individual health needs
  • Fully integrates with the Aspen IMS, and various, Special Education, Health, and digital learning tools

Who Aspen SIS Helps

    District Administrators
    • Superintendent: Aspen gives superintendents a simple way to connect with more students and curriculum information than any other SIS, enabling faster, more informed decisions that positively influence student learning.
    • IT Administrator: Aspen brings disparate school information systems together into one. One system to manage, update and maintain. Multiple users can access multiple views all from the same interface, with easy access to reports on all student data.
    • CFOs: Aspen is one integrated system that can replace many, and is built to last and grow with your evolving needs - positively impacting TCO and freeing resources for educational programs.
    School Administration and Staff
    • Principals: Aspen provides simple and fast access to all parts of the platform, giving principals better tools to make their best, most informed decisions.
    • Nurses: Aspen connects school health offices with the information they need to treat students and get them back into the classroom.Tracking and managing students' medical needs is easy and confidential.
    • Special Ed Teachers: Aspen keeps all areas of learning connected through a single interface, giving classroom and Special Ed teachers access to the student information system and SPED information.
    • Coaches: Aspen's Eligibility Report gives coaches a better connection with their athletes' conduct, grades and attendance data.
    Classroom and Home
    • Teachers: Aspen's Classroom Pages create a virtual classroom, where students can access course materials and collaborate through file sharing and Google Docs.
    • Students: Aspen's student portal provides a direct link to school events, grades ad assignments. Aspen establishes an open line of communication with teachers.
    • Parents: Aspen allows parents to see what’s going on inside the classroom by enabling visibility into daily activities and current course and assignment grades. Aspen’s student information system promotes increased communication between teachers and parents through page announcements, events, and digital resources, and offers the options to view activity and progress for multiple students simultaneously.

Aspen Helps Districts Make Sense of Data

Latest Version of Aspen and Demo

Demo Aspen What's New in Aspen 5.3

Services and Training for Aspen (SIS)

We’ve helped our customers successfully use technology to address nearly every conceivable issue in resource, data, and instructional management. From implementation and project management to hosting and data services, we’re confident that we can identify a technology solution that can help you achieve your objectives. Our goal is to make your transition to our Aspen student information system as simple and seamless as possible.

In order to help get you up and running as fast as possible with your new software or boost performance of current software users, we offer on-site training, topic-specific eLearning, and instructor-lead webinars.

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