Prepare Them for Success

Prepare Your School For Success

Take advantage of district-wide student learning resources and personalize them to achieve your school’s specific goals. Whether you’re ready to make the move from print to digital, focus on the best student experience or ramp up your library, we have the tools and resources to make sure your school shines.

Improve Student Learning

Find New Pathways to Student Learning

Work with your teachers to give students the best learning experience. Whether your teachers are emphasizing lessons focused on close reading or trying instruction through a flipped classroom, support them with the right tools. Choose books and classroom materials that help align your curriculum to Common Core or other State Standards and watch your students flourish.

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Foster Stronger Collaboration

Enhance collaborative learning with the right systems. When your instructional management system works with your library automation system and both work with your eBook platform, you unlock incredible opportunities for educational collaboration between students, administrators, teachers, librarians and parents. And, when everyone works together, you create a better environment for student learning.

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Go Digital

Make the Change from Print to Digital

Digital Content

Make your school’s transition from print to digital as seamless as possible by providing your staff and students with the best digital content. Save money with digital books, audiobooks, interactive content, and the programs that keep your devices organized. Use Destiny Library Manager to keep all of your content and devices in check or get our free Follett Shelf™ platform for managing your eBooks. Whatever your needs, let us help you through this process of modernizing your school.

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Online Research Tools

Give your students access to a world of information through our online research tools. These tools help sort educational content in a way that’s easy for students to understand while filtering out inappropriate results.

One Search Web Search Tool WebPath Express Educational Search Tool

Create A Best-In-Class Library Program

Encourage Student Learning Through the Library

Watch your students grow from learning to read to loving it, by stocking your school library with the best print and digital books for improving literacy. Get the most up-to-date library management software and digital resources to expand your students’ content knowledge. Select materials from tens of thousands of world-class library, trade, and classroom publishers to make sure your collection meets the needs of everyone in the school. And support student learning with the best library resource discovery tools, digital content, and print resources so they can have the resources they need to flourish all the while, learning important research skills.

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Build a New Library

Build a New Library

Opening a library is a very exciting initiative for your school; but we know the challenge can seem daunting, too. Utilize our five-step process that makes opening your new library a stress-free endeavor. From planning and building to organization and management, we can help take the stress away from this new venture. With collection selection assistance and organized barcode services, your new school library can even be ready to go before your librarian walks in the door.

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Find Funding & Meet Budgets

Find Funding and Meet Budgets

Dealing with your budget constraints is a daily struggle we know all about. Providing your school with the right resources and materials should be your main concern, not finding the cash needed to get them. We want to make sure your school gets what it needs just as much as you do, so we’ve compiled funding sources and offer creative ways to help you keep your focus and free up resources to get the most out of your limited resources.

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Make sure your curriculum teams, teachers and librarians have the right tools and knowledge to perform their best. Our services can help find holes in your current curriculum and align it to Common Core or other state standards, while our professional development resources can train your staff to use educational software and programs more effectively.

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