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Image for Resource Management from FSS Marketing Store Resource Management is more than just staying organized. It’s having the right tools for you to know where your assets are and when. Destiny Resource Manager gives you the software to do just that so that you can cut potential losses and operate more efficiently so your staff can focus on what truly matters – your students.

Advanced Inventory tracking
Asset Transparency
Save Time and Money
Easy Access to print & digital

This is one of our ways of being accountable to the taxpayers. Destiny Resource Manager is a sound fiscal management tool.

Norma Greenwood Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at Lamar County School

Destiny Resource Manager

Resource Manager is a universal system for managing any and all assets (including print and digital textbooks) throughout a school district for greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness. It meets both the needs for Administrative Accountability as well as Student Achievement Responsibility.

Resource Manager provides Administrators with the data they need to ensure accountability to secure assets, and to make accurate “fact based” budgeting and purchasing decisions based on asset utilization, condition and demand. In short, Resource Manager eliminates lost budget dollars.

Resource Manager supports student achievement by getting the right assets into the right hands at the right time.

What Destiny Resource Manager Helps You Accomplish

  • Circulation - Circulate and identify each and every individual item.
  • Accountability - Assign specific assets to specific individuals or departments and reduce loss.
  • Audit Trail - Keep a log of all changes made related to each asset.
  • Compliance - Respond to funding audits by knowing exactly where assets are and who is responsible for them.
  • Valuation - Know the value of assets from purchase price to current depreciated values.
  • Inventory - Report inventory status and value at any time.
  • Utilization - Share assets across the organization with greater utilization.
  • Maintenance - Ensure proper asset maintenance by setting schedules.
  • Liquidation - Keep a record of that assets are properly disposed, salvaged, or sold.
  • Support - Provide Help Desk services on all assets.
  • Integration - Import information from any other system (SIS, MDM, etc.)

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We’ve helped our customers successfully use technology to address nearly every conceivable issue in resource, data and instructional management. From implementation and project management to hosting and data services, we’re confident that we can identify a technology solution that can help you achieve your objectives. Our goal is to make your transition to our technology solution as simple and seamless as possible.

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As a partner in creating high-performance K-12 education environments, we learn something from every district, every school, and every educator with whom we interact. And we incorporate proven practices into our professional learning opportunities to help you fully realize how our technology tools and resources can help you accomplish your objectives.

In order to help get you up and running as fast as possible with your new software or boost performance of current software users, we offer on-site training, topic-specific eLearning, and instructor-lead webinars.

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