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Image for Reading Programs from FSS Marketing Store Guide students to titles in their optimally challenged reading zone through searches by level, point value or subject.

Make reading programs more effective

Improving literacy is a critical goal for today's educators. Recent education policies aimed at funding literacy programs bring educators a step closer toward that goal, while research confirms that reading encourage literacy and a love of learning, and elevate test scores.

Follett Reading Program Service is an easy way to search and find books for schools in your district that use one or more of today's popular reading programs, such as Accelerated Reader®, Reading Counts!®, Lexiles®
and Fountas & Pinnell. You can:

  • Guide students to the books in their optimal reading zone by reading level, point value and subject.
  • Reduce the time students spend searching, while increasing their reading and learning time.
  • Support individualized, differentiated instruction by enabling teachers to identify and assign books more easily.
  • Maximize school and district reading program investment.
  • Eliminate the time librarians spend cataloging books by reading level.

Strengthen the library-classroom connection

Reading Program Service supports individualized, differentiated instruction by allowing librarians and teachers to easily identify and assign books to students at their identified reading levels. By collaborating more effectively, you can make your collection an integral part of your school’s reading curriculum and maximize your reading program investment.

Reading Program Service allows Destiny® Library Manager™ or Circulation Plus® (Internet access) users to instantly enhance their library records with reading program information for Accelerated Reader®, Reading Counts!®, Lexile®, and/or Fountas & Pinnell

Interested in Reading Program Labels? You can print labels in Destiny Library Manager or purchase the labels from Follett.  View the following links on labels:

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