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Image for Library Books from FSS Marketing Store Fill your library with the newest, most sought-after titles to keep your students excited about reading. Learn more about Titlewave®, the most powerful collection development and curriculum support tool with more than 12 million Pre-K12  – appropriate books, from content for young readers to timeless classics. Furthermore, our Curriculum Tags and advanced cataloging and processing services keep your library organized, foster collaboration with teachers to support the curriculum and let you quickly find the materials needed to foster literacy at all levels.

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Titlewave is our premier search platform, allowing you to stock your library comprehensively and easily with our 24/7-access collection development. Whether you’re looking for hardbound, pre-bound, eBook, paperback, audiovisual, board, toy/movable or big book formats, Titlewave not only lets you search by title, author, FLR# or ISBN, but also offers search parameters including reading level, keywords, publication date and review sources. With its own user-friendly app, Titlewave also helps librarians and teachers quickly locate the books they need whether in school or on-the-go.

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Curriculum Tags

Focus your search with Titlewave’s Curriculum Tags to quickly locate the best, most educationally relevant materials to support your learning objectives. Easily find quality titles by exploring a variety of genres, subjects and themes, or dig deeper and discover materials to support teaching by key skills, text structure and text type. You can also access specific tags such as “Bullying,” “Support Struggling Reader” or “Primary Sources.” Our curriculum experts apply real-life experience as teachers and administrators to connect you with exemplary content, technology and support.

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Early Learning

Qualitative literacy is our passion and we'll always strive to engage your early learners with library book collections that lead to long-term reading success. We help young children build literacy skills by giving them learning materials selected through our Intentional Resource Selection approach. We comb through thousands of early learner books and educational resources to find the best of the best. We take pride in creating custom collections that achieve optimal teaching outcomes.

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Product Catalogs

Get a look at the newest and most sought-after titles that will be sure to get your students enthusiastic about reading. These titles have been expertly curated to drive student success, while helping you expand the reach of your library resources into the classroom and beyond. We've put together a catalog that's jam-packed with the most popular titles in categories like:

  • Graphic Novels
  • Picture Books
  • Text Sets
  • Favorite Authors
  • Narrative Nonfiction
  • New Books in a Series
  • Digital Citizenship
  • High Interest

National and State Award Book Lists

Follett offers a variety of national and state-specific resources celebrating titles selected by students, library professionals, or other PreK-12 educators from individual states.

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Kapco Easy Covers

Extend the life of your paperback books with a tough, clear laminate that protects them against marks, spills and every- day wear and tear:

  • Durable, long-lasting alternative to hardcover books at less than half the cost
  • Permanent, tough, flexible and tear resistant
  • Crystal-clear laminate that will not yellow or deteriorate
  • Made from the highest quality polyester and acid-free adhesive
  • Spine and color graphics that remain fully visible
Contact a Sales Specialist at 877.899.8550. If outside the US, contact us at

Cataloging and Processing

Find, identify, select and obtain library information faster and easier through RDA (Resource Description and Access) cataloging. Whenever your library is ready to transition to this new and highly efficient cataloging process, we’ll be ready to provide you with the right records. Until then, we’re pleased to continue sending you AACR2r records.

Cataloging & Processing

MARC Resources

Align your library to MARC standards. The MARC initiative enables software systems that manage education to share information with each other. Playing a critical role in defining MARC record standards for libraries nationwide, our “Understanding MARC Bibliographic” publication has been adopted by the Library of Congress to help train public and academic librarians in the easy application of these standards. Ask Ms. MARC if you have cataloging questions.

MARC Resources
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