Letters alive

Image for Letters alive from FSS Marketing Store Letters alive is the first supplemental reading program based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It includes a full year of lesson plans aligned to Common Core State Standards and allows students to interact with a kingdom of 26 entertaining, intelligent animals – each representing a letter in the alphabet – who virtually come alive in the hands of students.

Program Features

The program is not only designed for pre-k and kindergarten classrooms, but it also supports specialized instruction within grades 1 – 5 for ESL students, RTI students and Special Needs students. Letters alive applies research-based, best practices in a way that has never been so engaging or so interactive for early learners.

Alphabet & Sight Word Cards

Letters alive includes 26 alphabet cards and 94 Dolch sight word cards. These Augmented Reality-infused cards are designed to work within the program to make the Letters alive animal family spring to life and respond to students' actions and questions.

Word & Sentence Building

The Alphabet and Sight Word cards are designed to encourage students to create words and sentences. Letters alive doesn't just bring these animals to virtual life, it allows them to respond to the questions and statements built by students with the cards. By seeing the words and hearing them pronounced by the Letters alive software, and then by seeing the words in action, students can recognize words and learn how they are used in sentences more effectively. The Alphabet cards don't only bring animals to life, however. When students or teachers use the "virtual buttons" on the bottom of each Alphabet card, Letters alive can sound out the name of each letter (g = "gee"), and the primary or secondary sound each letter makes. When the letters are arranged to spell a word, students hear each individual consonant and vowel sound and can recognize the final word that the sounds create.

Student Activities and Teacher Resources

Letters alive includes 182 total activities.


  • Charming Children Stories (26)
  • Story Comprehension Sheets (26)
  • Handwriting Activity Sheets (26)
  • Coloring Activity Sheets (26)
  • Letter Sound Activity Sheets (26)
  • Sight Word Activity Sheets (26)
  • Word Family Activity Sheets (26)


  • Alphabet Frieze Cards (26)1
  • Video Tutorial
  • Quick Start Teacher’s Guide1
  • Reference Guide for Units1
  • Full Daily Lesson Plans for Entire School Year2
  • Curriculum Map to CCSS3

1 Printed & PDF format.
2 PDF format only.
3 Lesson alignment to Common Core State Standards.

Background and Research

The Letters alive program applies the best practices of building reading skills through a combination of phonemic awareness instruction, phonetics, sight word recognition, word building, sentence building, writing, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Support for Multiple Learning Styles

While many children may lean more toward one style of learning over others, many psychologists and neuroscientists state that we learn best by engaging all of our senses.

Letters alive achieves this through integrating sight, sound and action in its multimedia design. Visual learning is stimulated when students see the letters and words appear onscreen, and the lessons being taught are reinforced visually by seeing the animals that represent each letter responding to the sentences the students form with the letter and sight word cards. Auditory learning comes into play when the students hear each word, the names and sounds of each letter, the names and sounds of each animal, and the full sentences created with the letter and sight word cards. Kinesthetic learning takes place when the students are engaged in building words and sentences with the Letters alive cards, as well as moving the letter cards to see each animal from different angles. Letters alive engages all three types of learning to make reading instruction more effective.

Common Core State Standards Alignment

Letters alive not only makes learning to read fun and exciting, the curriculum is also mapped to Common Core State Standards to provide the critical learning tools children need to meet the major milestones for reading and language arts at the kindergarten level. The program includes daily lesson plans and 200+ student activities to cover a full school year of reading instruction.