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Image for Destiny Hardware from FSS Marketing Store Support digital learning, protect your assets, and enhance your Destiny® Library Manager™ with our barcode scanners, labels, printers, and RFID inventory products. With our unmatched expertise and best-in-class customer service, you can trust us to provide the hardware peripherals you need for Follett’s Library Management System.

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Barcode Labels

Keep track of your school assets with our durable barcode labels. Student IDs, library books, textbooks, and multi-media can all be organized with these hard-wearing and affordable labels that have the highest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Grade-A rating.

Our barcodes are made of highly resilient polyester material. Each barcode is imprinted with high-resolution thermal transfer that meets or exceeds all Association for Automatic Identification & Mobility Image Durability Guidelines (AIM) tests for strength, adhesion, temperature, fading, opacity, durability, and wear.

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Destiny Barcode Scanners

Make circulation and inventory management fast and easy with one of Follett’s high-performance corded or cordless barcode scanners. We also offer a cutting-edge wireless scanner with built-in inventory capabilities. Whether you are tracking your library resources or other school assets through Follett’s Resource Management Suite (Destiny Textbook Manager and Destiny Asset Manager), our barcode scanners simplify inventory management.

Benefits of our Destiny barcode scanners include:

  • Compatibility: Full functionality and compatibility with Follett Software products using custom Follett Firmware
  • Time Sensitivity: Quickly reads labels of nearly any quality
  • Accuracy: Linear imager technology reads standard 1D barcodes and 2D scanners can read QR codes or 1D barcodes from any orientation
  • Versatility: Easy to aim and scan in any lighting condition, from darkness to full sunlight. Covers a wide range of barcode
  • Reliability: All Follett scanners are extremely durable and built to last
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Destiny Receipt Printers

Ensure your students and staff are accountable for the items they check out with our fastest receipt printers yet. It’s a comprehensive, versatile solution that includes everything you need to start printing right out of the box.

Benefits of our Destiny Receipt Printers include:

  • Compatibility: Full functionality with Follett software products
  • Speed: Our receipt printers can print up to 22 receipts per minute
  • Easy Implementation: Quick plug-and-play setup
  • Reliability: Printers are highly durable and built to last

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Destiny RFID HF (High Frequency) System

Increase the efficiency of your library’s checkout services with our highly-effective RFID HF technology. The Follett RFID system is plug-and-play for quick and easy installation. Our system allows for more efficient book circulation; the Destiny RFID HF system provides self-checkout functionality, faster inventory capabilities, and simpler security.

The Destiny RFID system includes:

  • RFID tag encoder (to match your existing barcode label numbers)
  • Circulation reader for quick check-in or check-out capabilities
  • Unique blade scanner for performing accurate inventories
  • Security gates for single or dual entryways
  • Standard-size RFID tags
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