Follett Shelf Uses

Image for Follett Shelf Uses from FSS Marketing Store Use Follett Shelf™ to integrate eBooks in the classroom and library. Integrating digital content is essential for library staff and teachers. That’s because it allows students to develop necessary life skills both for higher education and other future endeavors. Follett Shelf digitalizes the entire learning experience and helps students become expert communicators in charge of their own learning.

Sharing capabilities within Follett Shelf builds teamwork skills and encourages learning while helping students think critically. With Follett Shelf, students will learn to find and deploy information for individual and group assignments while also becoming proficient masters of technology.

Why Librarians Choose Follett Shelf

Imagine a virtual space where students can go to not only read and research but also to gain a deeper understanding of information literacy in our fast-growing digital culture. Imagine a platform that provides quick and easy access to all of your school’s eContent, giving you an innovative way to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.

Follett Shelf houses thousands of eBooks with advanced capabilities to accelerate learning, and our Titlewave® collection development site allows you to strategically develop your collection by choosing eBooks that complement your school’s curriculum and instructional style. Utilize Follett Shelf as a powerful learning and teaching tool that’s easy to use; it’s ideal for research, reference, classroom activities, and individual instruction.

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Using eBooks in the Library

You may decide to manage Follett eBooks in your existing circulation system as opposed to Follett Shelf. If so, we can provide you with MARC records that simply import into your electronic catalog, and your students will be able to search, find and Follett eBooks with ease. Like print books, you can search by Dewey, subject, or keyword, and the eBook will appear along with the print titles you have available.

Follett eBooks use the 856 MARC tag to display a link to the actual electronic copy of the book. Destiny users will be given the option to read online, check out online, or download the eBook directly to a mobile device. Students can use an internet browser to read or check out Follett eBooks at any computer that can access your library’s electronic catalog.

Using eBooks in the Classroom

Follett eBooks are digital editions of print titles with interactive features that enhance learning. They are an endless source of lessons, activities, and learning exercises. Whether used with the whole class or one-on-one with a student, eBooks are versatile, user-friendly learning tools that provide innovative ways to teach classes of diverse learners. Pull up an eBook on your interactive whiteboard, use them as the center of a classroom activity, or integrate them into daily lessons as a springboard motivator.

Follett eBooks are just as effective in the classroom as they are in the library. They help students grasp important concepts in any subject area by supplementing the bulk of your lesson plans. eBooks work wonderfully as a group activity by having students interact with each other and the text itself – highlighting key passages, searching by keyword through the book, finding information with the built-in dictionary, and jumping from page to page to solve problems together.

Students can also work with eBooks individually. You might also print out sections of an eBook and distribute specific passages as handouts, or have each student work at a computer with the eContent on the screen. Your students will be fully engaged as they use the eBook’s interactive features to guide them through an exercise while developing their reading and comprehension abilities. Follett eBooks enhance your lesson plans by improving your students’ vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills.

Demo Follett Shelf

Want to take Follett Shelf for a test drive? Use the login info below to view sample text from one of our many eBooks. Personal features like checkouts, highlighting, notes, and printing will not be available, but you’ll be able to view 15 pages of eContent to familiarize yourself with the software. Try it today!

User Name: FollettShelf
Password: demo
Tablet Device Users: Support for browser pop-ups must be enabled to use the site.

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