Follett Shelf FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about Follett Shelf

Follett Shelf is a free, web-based virtual bookshelf for our non-Destiny customers. Follett Shelf supports and promotes 24/7 usage of your Follett eContent from home, in the classroom, the library, or from anywhere with access to the web. You can also easily configure your Follett Shelf to allow your teachers and students to read Follett eBooks with a generic username and password or use their own specific login credentials to support online checkouts and/or downloads of your Follett eBooks to PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and select mobile devices.

When logging in, administrators can change their password by selecting “Change Password” from the dropdown menu below their username. In addition, it is recommended that users provide an email address for password recovery. To link an email address to your Follett Shelf account, select “Manage Patrons” within the setup menu. Search for your credentials, edit, enter your email address, and save. You can also watch a video to walk you through the process that can be found under “Help” in the setup menu.

Yes; once you locate the title you want, click on the “i” (information) icon within the reader, and then select the “Checkout” button. Before exiting the BryteWave K-12 Edition reader to return to Follett Shelf, you will be prompted to check out the title before closing, if you haven’t already done so.

Yes; as the administrator of your Follett Shelf, you can also choose whether you want to allow the automatic posting of all reviews, or if you would prefer to check all reviews before allowing them to become publically viewable. Once a review has been approved, it cannot be deleted.

Yes; local subjects can now be added to any title in Follett Shelf. To add local subjects, sign in as the Follett Shelf Administrator and click on the "i" beneath the cover image of the title to which a local subject is to be added. In the “Title Details” panel that appears, click the “Options” tab in the top menu bar. From here, you can enter a heading and subject type of your choosing. In the “Help” section of the setup menu, there also is a video that walks you through how to add local subjects to your eContent.

Yes; through the use of patron and circulation types, users can set up content to be viewed by specific subsets of students. Please view the videos available within the “Help” section of your admin profile for further assistance.

Yes; if you provide your patrons with access to your Follett eContent from Follett Shelf as well as your library system, please be aware that any time a copy of a title is in use (from either Follett Shelf or from your library system), that copy will not be available for reading or checkout by other users.

Yes, through the Admin Setup features:
Select "Reports"
Select the "Patron Names" report
Select the "Output Type" as Microsoft Excel
Select "View" and "Save File"
Open the file, make the necessary changes under Patron Type and save as a new .csv file.
Select "Import Patrons"

Yes; all Follett Shelf functionality that is accessible through a PC or tablet also is available on a smartphone with internet access. Please refer to the System Requirements page for specific information about supported browsers.

Yes; go to “Tools”, click “Setup”, click “Access Levels,” select “Patron Accounts,” and then check the box labeled "Allow patron to change password" and hit “Save.” Patrons will now be able to change their passwords. Patrons in Destiny sites that have integrated with Follett Shelf will not have the ability to change their password, as their patron accounts are in Destiny, not Follett Shelf.

Yes; you can set a circulation type in Follett Shelf as the default so when titles are delivered to your Follett Shelf, they will automatically be assigned to the default circulation type. Circulation types can be set district wide to simplify the process of limiting access to content based on patron type. For more information on setting up circulation types, please view the videos available within the Follett Shelf help section.

Once the supported digital resource is purchased from Follett, the new item will appear in the Digital Resource Links tab on your Follett Shelf.
ABDO eBoost, ABDO Interactive, Arbordale Interactive, Capstone Interactive™, Follett Audiobooks, Gareth Stevens Interactive, Lerner Interactive™, Live Oak eReadables and Rosen Interactive titles will appear on the main Follett Shelf search page along with your Follett eBooks.

Click “Tools”, then “Setup”, then “Access Levels,” and enter the username and password you’d like to utilize for guest access. Save under guest accounts.

Once you have logged in to your Follett Shelf (using the administrator credentials provided in the same email), account admins can define a guest username and password for your patrons; you can also set up unique usernames and passwords for multiple patrons. Unique patron accounts support features like online checkouts, bookmarks, highlights, notes, and downloads.

The default sort is by cover view. In the menu bar directly above the cover images, patrons have the option to view titles as a list. There are also options for sorting alphabetically and by most recent additions to the Follett Shelf.

You can either search using the search bar directly, or filter your search using the “Narrow By” search tool. The search bar is located above the title cover images in Follett Shelf and can be sorted by title, keyword, subject, and author name. Once a search term has been entered, return to the full Follett Shelf library by clicking the “X” on the right side of the search box. The "Narrow By" search tool is located to the left of the title cover images in Follett Shelf and contains a variety of filters to choose from as well. Filters can be removed individually or all cleared at once.

Patrons can search using local subject headings in the keyword search bar or by using the "Narrow By" feature in Follett Shelf.

With Follett Shelf, you no longer need to load MARC records. When your order is processed at Follett, your new eContent will be added to your Follett Shelf automatically.

Follett Shelf allows users to scroll and load titles continually within their browser window. You can scroll down and load titles continually within your browser window.

Yes; you can configure your Follett Shelf to allow anyone to browse your list of titles without having to log in. If the user decides to either read the title or check the item out, they will be prompted to sign in. To enable this option, log in as the Follett Shelf Administrator and go to the “Tools” icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Setup” and then “Access Levels”, and uncheck the box for “Require users to login to the Follett Shelf prior to searching“ to enable this feature.

Yes; the “Help” section can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the Follett Shelf homepage. Here, your users can find help on topics such as how to search Follett Shelf, how to check out material, and how to use the BryteWave K-12 Edition reader. If you are in the “Setup” portion of Follett Shelf as an Administrator, the “Help” button will take you to a dedicated Administrator help section of our website. There, you can review information on Follett Shelf setup; quick reference guides; promotional materials to help you advertise your new digital resources; report creation, system requirements, and technical specifications for Follett Shelf; as well as contact information when you need assistance with any digital resources you may be hosting through Follett Shelf.

There is an eContent inventory report in Follett Shelf. Please log in to your Follett Shelf as an administrator and click “Help” in the “Setup” section to see the video that explains where you can locate this report and how to use it.

When logged in to Follett Shelf as an Administrator, you can choose to hide titles from your patrons. Any title that is hidden will no longer appear on-screen when browsing or in search results. When hiding titles, you can sort your collection by Interest Level, Title, Author, Publication Date, Hidden Status, Material Type, or titles that were pushed from the district, making it easier for you to sort and manage your collection. It is also possible to un-hide titles in cases where access to that eBook may be needed once again. For more information on how to use the Hide feature, please log in to your Follett Shelf as an administrator and select “Help” in the “Setup” section.

The Guest account in Follett Shelf is a generic account that allows simultaneous access by multiple patrons. Guest account users can read eBooks, listen to Follett audiobooks and access Digital Resource Links within your Follett Shelf, but cannot use personal features such as checking out titles, note taking, highlights, bookmarks, or download titles using the BryteWave K-12 Edition app.

A patron account is an account for a unique patron. Patron accounts can be configured to allow checkouts, prevent or allow access to specific content, and unique patron accounts that allow the user to take advantage of features such as note taking, highlighting, printing, copy and paste, and bookmarks. A unique patron account is also required to download a title for offline access with the BryteWave K-12 Edition app.

Follett Shelf supports Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts!, Lexile®, and Follett reading level assignments.

The Bookbag is the place where users can access and manage their Follett eContent. The Bookbag feature can be found in the right-hand corner of the page. Here you can see:
  • Books you currently have checked out
  • Books you would like to read in the future
  • Any eBooks you currently have on hold in your reading history
  • All of your Digital Resource Links.
The Follett Shelf Bookbag is different from the BryteWave K-12 Edition Bookbag which only contains a user's checked out eBooks.

If your patrons are seeing this error message when accessing your Lerner Interactive Books, you will need to contact your Technical Support department to request that they add https://* to their proxy white-list. This should allow unrestricted access to your Lerner titles.

Follett Shelf has a button at the top of the main search page that will bring you directly to the Digital Resources page, or you can go to the Digital Resources page from the Bookbag.

Follett eBooks
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ABDO eBoost
ABDO Interactive Books
Arbordale Interactive Books
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If the user exits the browser without closing the title first, the title may be unavailable for up to 15 minutes due to inactivity. To close a title properly, select the “Follett Shelf“ button in the top-left corner of the reader and confirm that you want to close the title before exiting the browser.

Because of the smaller screens on smartphones, we made the default view the “List“ view. This view allows users to look at the title, cover image, and a brief synopsis of the eBook. You can then open or check out the title without having to navigate to the title details screen. The “List“ view is also available on tablets and PCs, and “Cover” view is available to smartphone users by tapping the “Cover“ button, so users can pick their preferred view by device.

Yes; the app will launch Follett Shelf in your browser and will automatically sign in.