Follett Shelf

Image for Follett Shelf from FSS Marketing Store For our non-Destiny customers, the Follett Shelf™ eBook platform provides an easy, consistent eContent management platform. Integrating digital content is essential for library staff and teachers. Follett Shelf digitalizes the entire learning experience and helps students become expert communicators in charge of their own learning.

With its classroom and library functions, Follett Shelf builds teamwork skills and encourages digital literacy. With Follett Shelf, students will learn to find and deploy information for individual and group assignments while also becoming proficient masters of technology.

Accomplish Your Goals with Follett Shelf

Follett Shelf provides students and educators with 24/7 access and visibility to their Follett eBooks, audiobooks, and digital resources. Save time with simplified eContent management, comprehensive usage reports that support accountability, easy searching with multiple filter and sort options, and fast checkouts and check-ins.

Follett Shelf provides instant access to a wide selection of PreK-12 eBooks, audiobooks, interactive books, and research databases. This platform provides simplified eContent management with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Benefits of FollettShelf

  • Enjoy 24/7 hosting accessibility with no annual fees
  • Save time with faster check-outs and check-ins
  • Stay organized with free MARC compatibility for data interpretation and cataloguing
  • Make informed decisions with access to comprehensive usage reports

Support for Your Follett eBooks

Turn to our Resource Center to make the most of Follett Shelf and your eBooks. From quick reference guides to customizable marketing materials and videos – these resources will help you hit the ground running and ensure students engage with your digital content.

Discover the Resource Center Follett Shelf Terms of Use Follett Shelf FAQ

Follett Shelf in the Library

Imagine a virtual space where students can go read, research, and gain a deeper understanding of information literacy in our fast-growing digital culture. For our non-Destiny customers, Follett Shelf provides this platform.

Follett Shelf houses thousands of eBooks with advanced capabilities to accelerate learning, and our Titlewave® collection development site allows you to strategically develop your collection by choosing eBooks that complement your school’s curriculum and instructional style. Utilize Follett Shelf as a powerful learning and teaching tool that’s easy to use; it’s ideal for research, reference, classroom activities, and individual instruction.

Follett Shelf in the Classroom

Follett eBooks are just as effective in the classroom as they are in the library. They help students grasp important concepts in any subject area by supplementing the bulk of your lesson plans.

eBooks work wonderfully as a group activity by having students interact with each other and the text itself – highlighting key passages, searching by keyword through the book, finding information with the built-in dictionary, and jumping from page to page to solve problems together.

Students can also work with eBooks individually. You might also print out sections of an eBook and distribute specific passages as handouts, or have each student work at a computer with the eContent on the screen. Your students will be fully engaged as they use the eBook’s interactive features to guide them through an exercise while developing their reading and comprehension abilities.

Demo Follett Shelf

Want to take Follett Shelf for a test drive? Use the login info below to view sample text from one of our many eBooks. Personal features like checkouts, highlighting, notes, and printing will not be available, but you’ll be able to view 15 pages of eContent to familiarize yourself with the software.

User Name: FollettShelf
Password: demo
Tablet Device Users: Support for browser pop-ups must be enabled to use the site.

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