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Image for eBook Management Software from FSS Marketing Store Enhance your school’s digital curriculum with our classroom and library eBook management software. While digital resources haven’t replaced textbooks and tangible classroom materials entirely, it’s no secret that eContent is being utilized today more than ever before to make learning more relevant, exciting, and interactive for students at all levels.

Together, Destiny® Library Manager™ and Follett Shelf™ are leading the way to a digital revolution in schools. From eBooks to audiobooks and digital databases, our eContent management platform provides quick access from anywhere to all of your digital resources. Enhance learning in the library and classroom by taking advantage of our eBook management solutions.

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I have really been pushing Follett Shelf when we have classes come in, especially for research, because I know I have books that are going to help their projects. Plus they can look at it from home. The students like being able to go home and do the same research that they can do here.

Jason Andrews Superintendent of Schools at Windor Middle School

Destiny Library Manager

Destiny Library Manager makes your school library more effective at supporting active student learning by empowering librarians, teachers, and students to manage and use print and digital resources, all on one easy-to-navigate platform. Destiny provides access to credible and peer-reviewed databases for students to conduct research with ease and then save or share resources with fellow students at the click of a button. Our Destiny Library Manager system is accessible from any web browser or via mobile app, and it’s fully integrated with Follett Shelf to further support your school’s growing digital collection.

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Follett Shelf

Follett Shelf provides instant access to the widest selection of PreK-12 eBooks, audiobooks, interactive books, and research databases. Our free virtual bookshelf provides simplified eContent management with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Benefits of Follett Shelf
Enjoy 24/7 hosting accessibility with no annual fees
Save time with faster check-outs and check-ins
Build interconnectivity with integration capabilities with Destiny Library Manager
Stay organized with free MARC compatibility for data interpretation and cataloguing
Make informed decisions with access to comprehensive usage reports

Demo Follett Shelf

Want to take Follett Shelf for a test drive? Use the login info below to view sample text from one of our many eBooks. Personal features like checkouts, highlighting, notes, and printing will not be available, but you’ll be able to view 15 pages of eContent to familiarize yourself with the software. Try it today!

User Name: FollettShelf
Password: demo
Tablet Device Users: Support for browser pop-ups must be enabled to use the site.

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Follett Shelf Classroom Connections

Personalize your students’ reading experience with this Follett Shelf add-on that facilitates lesson-based interactions between teachers and students directly within the eBook you’re reading.

  • Customize: Reading levels can be personalized to accommodate the diverse readers in your classroom, allowing students to work at varying paces
  • Take charge: Track your students’ progress while gaining valuable insight into their reading habits
  • Expand search: One Search™ and WebPath Express™ bring added range and content richness to online research
  • Engage: Follett Shelf Parent Link facilitates communication between teachers and parents regarding each student’s literacy goals and progress
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Contact a Sales Specialist 877.899.8550. If outside the US, contact us at international@follett.com

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Follett Shelf District Manager

Streamline and effectively distribute your district’s eContent with a consistent, centralized management solution. Follett Shelf District Manager supports both one-to-one and unlimited simultaneous access to Follett eBooks. School districts already using Destiny Library Manager have access to both Follett Shelf and Follett Shelf District Manager.

  • Share: Distribute a specific eBook collection across an entire school district
  • Advocate: Support circulation types and patron types aligned with district-wide policies
  • Manage: Respond proactively to schools facing specific challenges with eBook usage
  • Leverage: Leverage existing student data with SIP2/LDAP authentication within Follett Shelf

Contact a Sales Specialist 877.899.8550. If outside the US, contact us at international@follett.com

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Accomplish Your Goals with Follett Shelf

Follett Shelf provides students and educators with 24/7 access and visibility to your collection of Follett eBooks, audiobooks, and digital resources. Save time with simplified eContent management, comprehensive usage reports that support accountability, easy searching with multiple filter and sort options, and fast checkouts and check-ins. Follett Shelf is the only eContent management software that is fully integrated with Destiny Library Manager.

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