Early Learning Materials

Image for Early Learning Materials from FSS Marketing Store Our early learning resources, materials, and books are designed to build literacy skills in young children. We've combed through thousands of books and educational resources for early learners to find the best of the best. At Follett, we take pride in creating custom collections to achieve your desired learning outcomes.

Literacy education is our passion — with our collections, you can engage early learners and set them on the path to reading success.

Encourage Early Learners

Our collections were developed to help expand your lessons around the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. Each collection includes materials or books created with the early reader in mind. With early learning resources for nearly every subject, there’s sure to be something that fits your educational needs.

Head Start Collections

Designed specifically to address important developmental milestones, these collections focus on subject areas in relation to learning. Each set promotes growth in logic and reasoning as applied to language arts, math, science, social studies, and more. The Head Start Collections teach comprehensive approaches to learning that can be transferred to cross-functional educational environments.

Our Expert Picks

Our Expert Picks collection addresses classrooms of diverse learners. From multi-lingual books to popular songs and rhymes celebrating world cultures, these selections are hand-picked to acknowledge diverse-language students. Our Expert Picks also incorporate important themes like family, making connections, sentence fluency, and realistic fiction.

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Dual Languages – Karen Nemeth
Juicy Words – Betty Bartige

New in a Series

Browse this collection to check out titles that have been newly added to an existing series. These reader favorites explore fun and interesting topics like animal anatomy, how things are made, and popular careers.

New in a Series

Alive Studios

Alive Studios creates unique supplemental curriculum programs designed to captivate students with alphabet and number cards that spring to life. This leading-edge system is the first supplemental reading program based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which engages contemporary early learners. Each program includes a full year of lesson plans aligned to Common Core State Standards and other important state standards allows students to interact with a kingdom of entertaining, intelligent animals.

Follett eBooks

Build your virtual library with Follett eBooks . Our eBooks can be opened and read via computer, browser, eReader, tablet, or smartphone. Our Follett Shelf™ eBook management platform makes organizing digital materials and designing custom reading paths easier than ever before. The Starter Collection is an array of reader favorites, while our additional titles are excellent for building your digital library.

Follett eBooks
Starter Collection
Additional Titles


From ABCs to animals, this collection is sorted by age to promote positive learning habits in infants and toddlers. This collection will help infant and toddler learners meet important development milestones. At younger months, the titles will explore colors and movement, while toddlers between 24-36 months will attain skills like counting and sorting shapes.

Birth - 12 Months
12 - 24 Months
24 - 36 Months

Learning Props – Complete Book Collections

Our Learning Props complete collections include educational books and games designed to help develop school-readiness and second language skills. Each book and game in this collection is sure to captivate and engage the early learner.

Learning Props - Complete Collections
Learning Props Books
Learning Props Games

Hands-On Collections with Print

This collection focuses on providing interactive learning experiences. Our Hands-On materials encourage participation, inspire creativity, and promote discovery.

Hot Topics

The unique Hot Topics collection surveys subjects that are current, engaging, and relevant. Real-life social issues like a friend moving away or having to provide care for the elderly are explored in a fun, relatable manner. The Hot Topics collection places an emphasis on comprehension and making connections.